Fossils Last Stand For Sale? Jackie Harford Details

Fossils Last Stand For Sale? Jackie Harford Deatils

In this article, we will discuss the information related to Fossils Last Stand For Sale and provide relevant details of the incident.

Have you seen a viral video of racist riders on different social networking platforms? The video of a Lyft driver is gaining traction on social media sites, which has led to frustration in the people of the United States. Have you witnessed a video where a woman is being kicked out of a vehicle for making racial remarks? However, we never promote those instances. Let us have a look at the information about Fossils Last Stand For Sale?

What incident took place at Fossils Stand?

The story came to notice after a woman at the Catasauqua bar made a racist remark while hopping on the back seat of a vehicle that he seems to be a white individual. It was a very surprising incident for the chauffeur as he was mocked by the lady as she enquired if he could even speak English or not? The lady made certain annoying remarks about the driver. The video got viral on the internet and the lady got angry with the incident and disabled her social media handle. The people of the United States are curious to know if Fossil’s Last Stand is For Sale?

Why the incident got viral on different social media platforms?

The driver was humiliated by the woman who was on the back seat making racist remarks to him, and he uploaded the details of the incident on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, where he explained what really occurred at the bar at night.

Jackie Harford was really out of her mind and decided to keep the bar for sale after getting negative comments from the community for her racist views. The people of the United States even threatened to completely boycott her bar due to this incident. She used to receive a lot of phone calls after the incident at night, but she refrained to answer any of them. Bode, the driver of the car who received the racist remarks was really amazed with the support he received and even made a report against the lady to the police authorities.

Fossils Last Stand Closed?

When the people got to know about the racist behavior of the bar owner, the lady received a lot of hatred from the people and they demanded that the lady should be levied a hefty penalty for her racist behavior. The people of the United States urged the police authorities to intervene and take serious action against the bar owner Jackie Harford.

The incident received mixed reception as the people commented that peace is not always the solution for such remarks, certain action is necessary for such an event. The people were upset to hear such remarks from the bar owner against religion and race. This is not the only incident of such racist remarks, many individuals face such racist behavior which led down to their moral life. The news of the racial remarks gained the limelight across the globe and people are wondering if Fossils Last Stand is Closed?

Know More about Fossils Stand

The incident that occurred at Fossils Stand has created an outrage amongst the people of the United States and across the globe as such racist behavior is not expected from the bar owner of Fossils Last Stand. There is an equal right for every religion, race, and culture, and none can make such remarks about their color. The driver of the cab received a lot of support and the lady was shown much hatred by the people all over she was frustrated by the event in such a manner that she decided to even take down the property after the incident.

Final Words

The Fossils Last Stand has gained much limelight after the bar owner got involved in a sad incident of racist remark over the cab driver. The people of the United States and across the globe were not happy with such remarks and demanded a penalty against the bar owner. Moreover, the driver gained support as a victim of racism and after a lot of hatred, the bar owner decided to take down Fossils Last Stand. The people are inquisitive to know is really Fossil Last Stand is Closed?

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