Know Who is Fatboy SSE Wife and Son

Fatboy SSE Wife Tiana Kimbrough, Net Worth, Daughter, Son

Fatboy SSE wife, Tiana Kimbrough, has gained the limelight because of her distressing video that went viral on social media.

In the video, Tiana is seen alleging her husband at a nail salon for his abusive behavior. The people are concerned about Tiana Kimbrough after Fatboy’s attitude and are curious to know the recent connection with Fatboy SSE after witnessing the controversial video.

The video went viral on the internet and a large number of individuals are willing to discover the description and the consequences of the event. Let us delve into the detailed information of Fatboy SSE’s wife Tiana Kimbrough.

Fatboy SSE Age, Wiki

Tyriq Thomas Kimbrough well-known as Fatboy SSE is a popular American social media sensation, rapper, and comedian. He came into the world on 16th November 1993, in Irvington, in the United States. He is recently 30 years of age as of 2024.

He has over 5 million followers on his Instagram handle, where is much loved for his short videos and unconventional public antics. He has additionally put out numerous mixtapes and music videos on World Star Hip Hop. He is a prominent figure in the entertainment sector and boasts a considerable following of celebrity admirers and acquaintances, including Meek Mill.

Fatboy SSE wife Tiana Kimbrough

Tiana Kimbrough is a beautiful model who was born on 25th October 1997, in California, in the United States. She started her Instagram journey in 2019 and rose to fame with her engaging creative content. She is famous for her beauty, and her fashion statement. Her followers are increasing exponentially and has more than 1.5 million followers in recent times. She has three kids and is in a married relationship with rapper Fatboy SSE.

Fatboy SSE Tiana Kimbrough relationship status

Fatboy SSE, Tyriq Thomas Kimbrough, and Tiana Kimbrough have enjoyed four years of marital bliss. They exchanged vows in a beautiful ceremony in 2019, surrounded by their loved ones. Their relationship struggles were openly shared on the reality TV show Couple’s Retreat, showcasing their dedication to strengthening their bond.

Fatboy, a social media sensation, frequently utilizes Instagram to express his deep affection for his beloved wife and their adorable children. His feed is filled with heartwarming pictures capturing the happiness and love within their family.

However, recent events have raised questions about the stability of their relationship. A video allegedly depicting an assault has emerged, leading many to ponder the dynamics between Fatboy and Tiana. Tiana Kimbrough addressed the controversy on her Instagram Live, emphasizing her husband’s self-portrayal as a “gangster.”

The relationship between Fatboy SSE and Tiana Kimbrough encompasses love, hurdles, and personal development. The unfolding saga has piqued public interest, sparking debates regarding the authenticity of their social media portrayal.

Fatboy SSE Law Controversy

Fatboy SSE has had a frequent encounter with law enforcement on multiple events. He was put behind bars for dealing with drugs like cocaine and marijuana. He started his job at Chipotle after he got free from the jail. He continued his dedication to his music and made efforts to release his songs in 2015 that were appreciated for his unique style.


In his musical career, Fatboy SSE established his individual identity after releasing several songs that gained the attention of the listeners. Some of the songs created a high-end controversy, such as the song titled F*ck Burger King which created substantial notoriety.

This song, with its provocative and derogatory lyrics directed at Burger King, has received significant criticism. However, despite the controversies surrounding it, Fatboy SSE’s music continues to resonate throughout the industry, making a lasting impact on fans and critics alike.

His unique style and fearless demeanor have firmly solidified his presence in the music scene, establishing him as a formidable figure.

Fatboy SSE, a notable figure in American internet culture, boasts a diverse portfolio as a comedian, rapper, and social media influencer. His family life includes his marriage to Instagram sensation Tiana Kimbrough, with whom he shares a daughter named Makinze. Additionally, they are proud parents to two sons, with one of them being affectionately named Auggie.

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