Learn EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Outsourcing Product Animation

Outsourcing Product Animation

It’s fair to assume that animated videos are now the standard for showcasing goods, people, and things in a lively and eye-catching manner. The incredible popularity of media with this feature is shown by its prevalence in video games, television programs, movies, and even ads. Therefore, 3d game art outsourcing studio is a common and well-received method utilized by many businesses nowadays.


The decision to use an outside service is about more than simply meeting a requirement. There are a variety of positive outcomes for your company that may be attained depending on the service you choose.

  1. Funds preserved

Lower prices are a major factor in the rise in the popularity of outsourcing in general, and the animation industry is no different. This method of doing business often entails bringing in staff from areas with a lower cost of living or that are more frugal overall.

      2. Increased skill and knowledge

The top outsourcing companies won’t have just one expert available; rather, they’ll have a team of specialists from which you may choose the animator who has the greatest expertise and skill set relevant to your project

      3. Better turnaround time

The vast resources at the disposal of outsourcing providers allow for the rapid delivery of projects, products, and content, far beyond the capabilities of most in-house teams. They can move swiftly and effectively, and they are used to working under constraints such as time and financial constraints.

      4. 0 Obstructions to the entrance

If you’re a company that has never produced animated material before, it might be difficult to understand the process and hire professionals, but outsourcing makes the process a lot easier. Once a business explains its requirements, it will be supplied with a detailed action plan outlining the next steps.

To what extent does one participate in the development of an animated product?

Don’t waste time and effort on an animation project without first thoroughly planning it out. Fortunately, there is a tried-and-true method that may help you avoid these mistakes. Since mobile game development costs and phases are very simple to understand and calculate, we will be concentrating on the 3D format instead.

  • Conceptualization & Citations

You should begin by deciding if the animation is meant to educate, amuse, or impress. Which begs the question: what exactly will happen in this video? These questions and more are answered throughout the planning stage. Additional product references, such as photos, videos, actual models, etc., are gathered for art outsourcing cost calculation.

  • Illustrations and plot outline

After you’ve settled on an animation’s overall concept and its supporting materials, you may begin sketching down rough ideas and making storyboards for the sequence of events. The persons in charge of the project should approve of this work, which is often done by the same artists and animators that will bring everything to life later on.

  • Artistic Skills: Modeling and Texturing

Since developing a 3D model might take many days or weeks, this is often the longest phase. The modelers will strive for a high-fidelity and high-poly model, since this is likely what you desire. The team will also be working on a 2D texture map that will be used to bring the 3D model to life by adding things like color, material texture, and more.

  • Work on the rigging and skinning

Showing the product model from several perspectives might suffice as a product demo in certain circumstances. However, if it will undergo any alteration that modifies its shape or location, a method called rigging is suggested to design a skeleton with joints for it. In a process called skinning, the joints are locked down to the model.

  • Production

The sceneries take shape after all the 2D and 3D components are combined in a virtual environment (like a gaming engine). It is during this stage that the film’s lighting, visual effects, and audio effects are often added. The program will then package the results into a finalized clip.

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