Ebanie Bridges Personal Video Leaked, Net Worth, Age, Wiki

Ebanie Bridges Personal Video Leaked, Net Worth, Age, Wiki

A video of Ebanie Bridges, which she initially recorded for her partner, was mistakenly shared on social media, causing significant concern among many. The boxing community is reacting with surprise to the unintended spread of this personal video. The video, believed to have been recorded by Bridges herself, depicted her in a private moment and has been circulating on various social media platforms.

Bridges, who is also a mathematics teacher, has expressed regret over the video’s release and has discussed its effects on her personal and professional life. This incident has sparked discussions about privacy, consent, and accountability.

Who is Ebanie Bridges? Wiki, Bio

Ebanie Bridges, an Australian professional boxer born on September 22, 1986, is renowned as the ‘Blonde Bomber’ due to her striking hair color and formidable punching power. She secured the IBF female bantamweight title from 2022 to 2023. Bridges’ amateur boxing career was marked by notable success, including winning gold at the Australasian Golden Gloves in 2016 and 2017.

She embarked on her professional boxing journey in 2019 and boasts an impressive record of 11 fights, achieving 9 wins and 2 losses. Beyond the boxing ring, Bridges is multi-talented; she is a qualified mathematics teacher, proficient in three languages, and holds a black belt in karate. Her diverse interests also led her to participate in the reality show “SAS Australia,” and she is an avid supporter of the Leeds United football team

What is in the Ebanie Bridges Leaked Video?

Ebanie Bridges, celebrated for her striking presence in the world of boxing, found herself embroiled in a controversy surrounding private videos. The leaked videos initially emerged on adult content websites and quickly proliferated across the internet. These videos depicted the Australian boxer in various stages of undress, posing in front of mirrors, engaging in dance, and handling adult toys while addressing the camera. As the videos gained viral traction, social media was inundated with reactions from admirers, critics, and fellow athletes.

Ebanie Bridges Personal Video Leaked, Net Worth, Age, Wiki

What does Ebanie Bridges say in her confession?

Following the release of the videos, Ebanie Bridges took responsibility for the social media backlash. She openly acknowledged that the leaked videos were indeed hers and appealed for privacy and empathy from her followers. Bridges clarified that the videos were created for her long-distance partner and were never intended for public consumption. She also emphasized that these videos were recorded before she became a professional athlete and should not overshadow her current identity and career.

How did social media react to Ebanie Bridges Leaked Video?

The internet is notoriously unforgiving regarding leaked videos, and Ebanie Bridges’ case was no different. The leaked Ebanie Bridges videos created a sensational buzz on social media, with people from all walks of life reacting differently to the incident. Some people expressed their disappointment and shame towards the boxer. Some individuals defended her, claiming that the incident breached her privacy and asserting that she deserved respect. Some criticized Ebanie for recording explicit content, while others believed it was her right to do so privately.

Ebanie Bridges Age, Twitter, Net worth, Weigh in

Born on September 22, 1986, in Sydney, Australia, Ebanie Bridges currently stands at 37 years of age in 2023. Her upbringing took place in the Toongabbie suburb of Greater Western Sydney, and she pursued her education at Western Sydney University, obtaining a degree in mathematics along with a minor in physical education. Moreover, she holds a master’s degree in teaching.

Ebanie Bridges is an active presence on social media platforms. On her Twitter account (@EbanieBridges), she commands a substantial following of over 146K as of October 2023, where she frequently shares insights into her boxing career, personal life, and diverse opinions. Additionally, she maintains a strong presence on Instagram, boasting more than 510K followers and having posted 1K times.

Ebanie Bridges Net Worth

As of 2023, Ebanie Bridges estimated net worth ranges between $1 million and $5 million, as reported by various sources. Her wealth has been amassed through her successful journey as a professional boxer, commencing in 2019 with her debut bout against Mahiecka Pareno. Among her eleven fights, she has emerged victorious in nine, with four of those wins coming by way of knockout. Furthermore, she has held the ANBF Australasian female super-bantamweight title since 2020.

One distinctive aspect of Ebanie Bridges’ pre-fight routine is her weigh-in tradition. Prior to each match, she uses this platform to showcase not only her physique but also her lingerie. She has expressed that her intention behind this practice is to garner increased attention and support for women’s boxing, while simultaneously.

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