TikTok Dr. Roxy Loses License for Live Streaming Surgeries

Ohio TikTok Dr. Roxy Plastic Surgeon Imposed Permanent Ban

Why did Famous Tiktok Dr. Roxy get suspended?

Ohio judge revoked TikTok celebrity Dr. Roxy’s medical license on 12th July 2023, Wednesday, who was alleged of breaching the patient’s privacy and endangering them with the live broadcast of their operations online.

The Ohio State Medical Board unanimously took the decision to permanently ban the medical license of Dr. Katherine Roxanne Grawe, popular by the name f Dr. Roxy, as she failed to meet the patient’s care standards.

Dr. Katharine’s medical practice was already put on hold by the medical board of Ohio since November 2022, but after the final judgment that was held on Wednesday, 12th July 2023, she will not be able to pursue her medical practice in the future. The board members believed that Grawe prioritized her social media followers over her actual patients, leading to significant errors in her professional practice.

Why did Famous Tiktok Dr. Roxy get suspended

The doctor would be busy chatting with her followers and viewers talking to the camera and asking them questions while treating her patients on the operating table. Based on the notification issued by the medical board upon revoking her license, Dr. Grawe allegedly aired one of her patient’s cosmetic treatments to her extensive following of over 800,000 social media users. Unfortunately, this patient experienced a critical situation just a week after the surgery, as Dr. Roxy purportedly perforated her bowel during the procedure.

According to the notification, the unnamed patient endured bacterial infections in her abdomen and suffered cognitive impairment due to elevated toxin levels in her bloodstream. These severe consequences were attributed to the alleged mishandling of the cosmetic procedure by Dr. Grawe.

In 2018, the state board raised concerns to the plastic surgeon regarding the recorded procedures, highlighting potential issues related to patient privacy and ethics. As a result, the board secretary advised the surgeon to participate in a medical ethics and professionalism course in 2021.

Grawe attended a program that involved ethical social media lessons in December, but she did not hesitate to provide live streaming of her surgeries to her followers conducted on her patients till October 2022. The surgeon-cum-social media influencer informed the media that her husband parted ways with her due to stress and her children were bullied in the school following the media attention.

She was not guilty of filming her surgeries and claimed that her only intent was to make these movies to brighten the information to her viewers related to cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Roxy Lawsuit, TikTok

Dr. Roxy Grawe is currently facing lawsuits as patients seek resolution and answers. In November 2022, the Ohio medical board made the decision to suspend Dr. Roxy’s license due to numerous complaints about inadequate care. Subsequently, The news source reported that the State Medical Board of Ohio permanently revoked her medical license and imposed a fine of $4,500, citing her failure to meet the required standard of care.

Dr. Roxy Age

Dr. Roxy Grawe is a renowned plastic surgeon who has gained popularity for her presence on TikTok. According to pressinformant.com, she was born on December 30th and turned 44 years old in 2022.

Dr. Roxy Net Worth

As per the sources, Dr. Roxy Grawe net worth is approximately $1 million USD as of 2023. However, according to Primal Information, her net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

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