DJ Hitchner Car Accident NJ, Age, Wife, Family

DJ Hitchner Car Accident NJ, Age, Wife, Family

DJ Hitchner, a resident of Bridgeton, New Jersey, was a graduate of Salem County Vo-Tech. Although he lived in Bridgeton, his roots traced back to Quinton, New Jersey.

DJ Hitchner tragically lost his life in a car accident on September 22, 2023. At the time of his passing, he was 27 years old and carried the roles of a devoted husband and a loving father to a young daughter.

DJ was a cherished member of the JMB Family, a tight-knit group of friends bonded by their shared passions for both music and motorcycles. DJ Hitchner presence was cherished by a multitude of individuals who held deep affection and respect for him. DJ Hitchner wife’s name is Sara Chester and His sister’s name is Kirsten Hitchner.

DJ Hitchner Cause of Death

The precise circumstances surrounding the accident leading to DJ Hitchner untimely death remain shrouded in uncertainty, pending the completion of the official report. Nevertheless, preliminary information suggests that the incident transpired while DJ Hitchner was traveling along Route 49 in Salem County, where a collision with another vehicle occurred. The force of the impact was of such magnitude that it claimed his life at the scene, while the other driver sustained significant injuries and was subsequently transported to a hospital for medical attention.


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