DJ Akademiks Girlfriend, Net Worth, Age, Height, Real Name

DJ Akademiks Girlfriend, Net Worth, Age, Height, Real Name

DJ Akademiks aka real name Livingston Allen is a popular media personality, well-known podcaster, and a famous YouTuber who entertains with his latest hip-hop news and related talks. He is also a co-host on a daily show on Everyday Struggle conducted by Complex Networks.

Although he maintains a level of privacy in some areas of his life, he has chosen to be transparent about his romantic relationships, allowing fans a glimpse into his love life. This article delves into his romantic journey, offering insights into his relationships and providing all the details you’re curious to know about his girlfriend.

DJ Akademiks Girlfriend

DJ Akademiks seems to be single as he has not announced any relationship in public or media. Further, he was involved in relationships with Andrea Ggx, a hot American model, and Angelica, a famous Instagram sensation hailing from the Dominican Republic, in the past years.

DJ Akademiks relationship with Angelica was notably public, as he frequently shared their moments together on social media. On the other hand, he has been in a relationship with Andrea Ggx since 2017, though currently, there is no publicly available information about his current relationship status.

DJ Akademiks relationship with Angelica Ggx

The couple appeared to have a contented relationship for some time, frequently making joint appearances on social media and live streams. However, the situation took a negative turn in October 2022 when a video of them engaging in a physical altercation emerged online.

The video clearly displays DJ Akademiks yelling at Angelica Ggx and getting physical with her by pushing her near a wall. Moreover, she also tried to confront the woman seen in the video who allegedly captured images with him at an event. The fight intensified as another woman joined in, and finally, the security personnel had to intervene to stop the physical assault.

Later, he clarified the incident seen in the video on The Shade Room, describing that his girlfriend was high on alcohol and getting into a physical argument with other women as they were turning up to her boyfriend at an event and capturing pics with him. He further added that he was willing to end the fight between the girls but they were uncontrollable at that moment. He also added that a woman passing by also got into a fight with his girlfriend as can be seen in the video.

The video ignited significant backlash and condemnation from both fans and fellow celebrities. They accused DJ Akademiks of being abusive, disrespectful, and insecure. Some also raised doubts about his credibility as a hip-hop commentator, suggesting that he displayed a lack of respect for women and the culture.

He justified his point that he was not abusive with his girlfriend, but rather trying to solve the misunderstanding that occurred between the couple. He asserted his self-assuredness, claiming to be the prized one, but it appears that the incident marked the breaking point in their relationship, leading to their reported breakup shortly thereafter.

Does DJ Akademiks have children?

DJ Akademiks is not in a married relationship with any woman and does not have any kids as of 2023. He was raised majorly by his mother and grandmother in his early days.

DJ Akademiks Net worth, Height, Age

  • DJ Akademiks estimated net worth is between $7 million to $10 million as of October 2023. He earns his income through YouTube channels, podcasts, music, and endorsements.
  • While DJ Akademiks height is not officially confirmed, some sources suggest he stands at 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) tall.
  • DJ Akademiks is 32 years old, born on May 17, 1991, in Spanish Town, Jamaica.

DJ Akademiks Drake, Saucy Santana

  • DJ Akademiks and Drake have a complex relationship, switching between being friends and rivals based on their shared interests and conflicts. They collaborated on projects like the podcast “Off the Record with DJ Akademiks” in August 2021.
  • DJ Akademiks and Saucy Santana feud began in December 2019 when he criticized Saucy Santana’s music and appearance on his Twitch stream. This led to a series of online insults and threats, with no sign of reconciliation.

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