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Dior Goodjohn is a talented actress and rising star in Hollywood. She was born on August 13, 2006, in Santa Monica, California, in the United States, to her parents, Troy and Tannaz T Goodjohn. In this article, we will explore Dior’s background, upbringing, and how her parents have influenced her life and career.

Dior Goodjohn Family Background and Upbringing

Dior Negeen Goodjohn was born into a family with a diverse background. Her father, Troy Goodjohn, is a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist who has built a successful career in the tech industry. Troy is the founder and CEO of DataScience.com, a platform that helps businesses develop and manage their data science teams. He has also been involved in several other successful ventures throughout his career.

Dior’s mother, Tannaz T Goodjohn, is a former nurse and a philanthropist. She has been actively involved in charitable work throughout her life and has supported a range of causes, including education, healthcare, and animal welfare.

Growing up, Dior was exposed to the world of business and entrepreneurship through her father’s career. She was also raised with a strong sense of community service and social responsibility, influenced by her mother’s philanthropic work. Dior has often spoken about the impact her parents have had on her life and career, crediting them with instilling in her a strong work ethic and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Dior Goodjohn is an American national. Her ethnicity is mixed. She believes in Christianity and follows Christian culture. She has the Capricorn zodiac sign. She has made a social presence on different social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Dior Goodjohn Career

Dior Negeen Goodjohn began her career in the entertainment industry after graduating from the University Of Southern California (USC), where she studied theatre. She landed her first major role in the hit TV series Glee, playing the character of Jane Hayward. Her performance in the show was praised for its emotional depth and authenticity, and it marked the beginning of a promising career in Hollywood.

Following her success on Glee, Dior was cast in the 2013 film Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters. In the film, Dior played the character of Hylla, the queen of the Amazons. Her performance in the film was well-received, earning her praise from critics and audiences alike.

In addition to her work in Glee and Percy Jackson, Dior has appeared in several other film and TV productions. She has worked with top directors and producers in Hollywood, including Judd Apatow and Ryan Murphy. Dior’s performances have earned her recognition and acclaim in the entertainment industry, and she has become a rising star to watch in the years to come.

Influence of Troy and Tannaz T Goodjohn

Dior Negeen Goodjohn has often credited her parents, Troy and Tannaz T Goodjohn, with having a significant impact on her life and career. Their support and guidance have helped her pursue her passions and achieve success in the entertainment industry.

Troy’s success and entrepreneurial spirit have inspired Dior to pursue her own passions and strive for excellence in her own endeavors. He has provided her with valuable advice and mentorship, encouraging her to pursue her dreams and make a positive impact on the world.

Tannaz T Goodjohn’s commitment to community service and philanthropy has also influenced Dior’s own philanthropic work. Dior is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and has been involved in several campaigns to raise awareness and support for mental health issues. Dior Negeen Goodjohn has also worked with organizations that promote education and empowerment for young women.

Who is Dior Goodjohn’s Boyfriend?

There is no information sourced about Dior Goodjohn’s personal life or relationships. It’s important to respect an individual’s privacy and avoid speculating about their personal life without proper confirmation from credible sources. Dior is a rising star in the entertainment industry and should be recognized for her talents and accomplishments rather than her personal relationships.

How Does Dior Negeen Goodjohn Look?

Dior Negeen Goodjohn is a very talented actress and has a gorgeous physical appearance as well. Dior Negeen Goodjohn stands tall at 5 feet 5 inches and weighs around 50 kg. Dior Negeen Goodjohn has mesmerizing brown eyes and pretty curly hair, which makes her appearance even more appealing. She has a regular workout routine being a fitness freak. She maintains her body shape with her workout and balanced diet plan.

Who did Dior Goodjohn play in glee?

As far as I know, there is no actor or character named Dior Goodjohn in the television show “Glee.” It is possible that you may have the wrong name or show in mind. The show “Glee” featured a large ensemble cast, and many actors appeared in various roles throughout the series

Dior Goodjohn’s Net Worth

Dior Negeen Goodjohn has stunned the people of the United States and over the globe with her amazing performances in the entertainment industry. She attained a successful acting career at a very young age and earned a good amount with her modeling assignments and other endorsements. She is currently leading a good lifestyle alongside her mother in LA, United States. She is speculated to have a net worth of $800-950k with her successful career.

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Lesser known facts about Dior Goodjohn

  • Dior Goodjohn real name is Dior Neegen Goodjohn.
  • She is in association with popular brands.
  • She has more than 56.7k followers on her IG account.
  • Dior published her 1st Instagram post on 27th August 2020.
  • She is featured in Raven’s Home as the Duchess.

FAQs about Dior Negeen Goodjohn

  1. Who is Dior Goodjohn?
  • She is a much popular actress, social media sensation, model, and entrepreneur.
  1. What is Dior Goodjohn famous for?
  • She is famous for portraying the role of Robyn Rook in the popular series “Head of the Class.”
  1. What is the age of Dior Goodjohn?
  • She is 17 years of age as of 2023.
  1. What is the net worth of Dior Goodjohn?
  • She is believed to have a net worth of $800-950k.
  1. Who is Dior Goodjohn’s Boyfriend?
  • She has not shared any private information about her love life.


Dior Negeen Goodjohn is a talented actress and rising star in Hollywood. Her parents, Troy and Tannaz T Goodjohn have had a significant impact on her life and career, instilling in her a strong work ethic and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world. We believe that she will emerge as one of the greatest actresses in the entertainment industry.

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