Diego Increta Car Crash Roseville, Obituary, Age, Wiki

Diego Increta Car Crash Roseville, Obituary, Age, Wiki

On July 12, 2023, a tragic car accident abruptly took the life of Diego Increta, a resident of Roseville, California. His passing came unexpectedly, leaving behind a deep sense of sorrow and loss. Diego suffered severe injuries in the devastating crash, which ultimately led to his untimely demise. The news of Diego Increta death was shared by a friend on Wednesday through a heartfelt post on Facebook.

Diego Increta Car Crash Details

Law enforcement authorities are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident, aiming to determine the factors that contributed to this tragic event.

As of now, the funeral arrangements for Diego Increta have not been announced by Diego Increta family. They plan to inform everyone once the details are finalized, ensuring that everyone who wishes to pay their respects can participate in his final rites.

Diego Increta, a native of Argentina, embarked on a journey to the United States alongside his parents, Hugo and Maria, Diego Increta two sisters, Jesica and Ayelen, and other family members, all in pursuit of a better life for their children.

At the age of 38, Diego Increta was a devoted husband and caring father to his two young sons. His untimely departure has left a void in their lives and the hearts of those who knew him.

In 2015, Diego married his high school sweetheart and best friend, Brittany, with whom he had shared a deep bond for over 20 years. Their love story was the epitome of the kind of love most people aspire to find in their lives.

Celebrating their 8th wedding anniversary on July 17 holds special significance for the high school sweethearts, Brittany and Diego. Together, they have two adorable sons, Thomas, who will be turning eight on July 22, and Calvin, who is three years old. The heart-wrenching reality of these young boys growing up without their father has now become their harsh reality.

Diego was not only a beloved friend but also a cherished father, husband, son, and brother to many. He wore his heart on his sleeve, bringing joy and positivity to every room he entered. Known for his generosity, laid-back demeanor, and down-to-earth nature, Diego always sported a contagious smile. He was a hardworking individual who consistently prioritized the needs of his family above all else.

To support Diego Increta family during this challenging time, a GoFundMe campaign has been organized by Sydney Jones and two other individuals. The aim of the fundraiser is to provide financial assistance for funeral expenses and other necessary arrangements. Currently, $700 has been raised, marking the initial progress towards the campaign’s $30,000 goal, thanks to the contributions of eight generous donors.

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