Delores Miller Clark: A Killer Next Door’s John List Wife

Delores Miller Clark: A Killer Next Door’s John List Wife

In this article, we will share information about Delores Miller Clark who led a very simple life in Denver before she got into a romantic relationship with John List and tied the knot with him. The article shares the life details of Delores Miller Clark and how she was killed in a cold-blooded murder execution by her husband John list. Let us have a look at Delores Miller Clark, A Killer Next Door’s John List Wife.

Delores Miller Clark Bio | Early Life

Delores Miller Clark was the ex-wife of John List, who infamously murdered his entire family in 1971. Clark’s story has gained attention in recent years due to the Netflix series “The List,” which explores the events leading up to the murders and their aftermath.

Clark was born in Michigan in 1939 and later moved to Virginia. She met List in the early 1960s while they were both working at a bank in Michigan. The couple married in 1956 and went on to have three children: Patricia, John Jr., and Frederick.

In the years leading up to the murders, the List family appeared to be a happy and successful one. John List had a successful career as an accountant and had recently lost his job due to a company merger. However, he kept this a secret from his family and continued to dress in a suit and tie every morning to maintain the illusion that he was still employed.

Meanwhile, Clark was a devout Lutheran and active member of her church. She was also a devoted mother and homemaker, spending her days caring for her children and keeping the family home in order.

Delores Miller Clark Husband John List

John List who then was known as Bob Clark was a seemingly ordinary man living in the small town of Westfield, New Jersey, in the 1970s. He was an accountant, a devoted Lutheran, and a respected member of his community. He got married to Delores Miller Clark. However, despite outward appearances, there were underlying issues in the List household. John List was deeply in debt and struggling to make ends meet, but he was too proud to ask for help. He also felt immense pressure to provide for his family and maintain the lifestyle to which they had become accustomed.

Delores Miller Clark, on the other hand, had grown increasingly unhappy in her marriage. She reportedly felt unfulfilled and trapped, as John was often distant and uncommunicative. She had also begun to suspect that he was having an affair.

What happened to the list family?

John List’s plan was methodical and cold-blooded. On the morning of November 9, 1971, he woke up early and shot his wife, mother, and three children in the head with a 9mm semi-automatic handgun. He then proceeded to clean up the crime scene and write a note to his children’s school, stating that the family was going on an extended vacation to North Carolina. He turned off the lights, locked the doors, and left the house, never to be seen by his family or community again.

For the next 18 years, List lived under a series of false identities, working odd jobs and moving from town to town across the country. Meanwhile, his former home in Westfield remained unoccupied and untouched, a silent reminder of the horrific crime that had taken place inside.

It wasn’t until 1989 that List was finally caught, thanks to the efforts of the television show “America’s Most Wanted.” He was living in Virginia under the name Robert P. Clark and working as an accountant at a paper company. The list was arrested and brought to trial, where he was found guilty of five counts of first-degree murder.

Throughout the trial, List remained unemotional and showed no remorse for his actions. He claimed that he had been driven to murder by financial pressures and his belief that his family would be better off dead than living in poverty. His defense team argued that he was suffering from a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder that led him to believe that murder was the only way out of his problems.

How old was John List when he died?

Despite the claims of OCD by John List, he was sentenced to five consecutive life sentences in prison. He died behind bars in 2008 at the age of 82.

The case of John List remains one of the most shocking and disturbing instances of family murder in American history. The idea that a seemingly normal man could commit such a heinous crime and then live among us for nearly two decades is chilling. List’s actions serve as a cautionary tale about the dangers of ignoring mental health issues and allowing financial pressures to spiral out of control.

But perhaps the most haunting aspect of the List case is the idea that a killer could be living next door to us at any moment. The list was a respected member of his community, a man who attended church regularly and was involved in local activities. He lived among his neighbors for years without anyone suspecting that he was a murderer.

The case of John List serves as a reminder that evil can exist anywhere, and that we must always be vigilant and aware of our surroundings. It is a cautionary tale that continues to haunt us to this day, and one that we must never forget.

A Killer Next Door, a movie based on Delores Miller Clark’s husband John List’s cold-blooded murder

“A Killer Next Door” is a 2020 horror-thriller movie that takes its inspiration from real-life events, including the case of John List. “A Killer Next Door” is a fictional thriller that draws inspiration from real-life cases of serial killers and murderers, including John List. However, the film does not depict List or any specific real-life killer. The film follows a group of friends who move into a new apartment complex and discover that their neighbor is a serial killer.

One of the strengths of “A Killer Next Door” is its ability to create a sense of unease and tension throughout the film. The audience is never quite sure what Harold is capable of, and his seemingly harmless demeanor only adds to the sense of dread. The film also does a good job of building up the mystery surrounding Harold’s past, with each revelation adding to the growing sense of danger.

There are several movies and TV shows that have covered the story. One notable example is the 1993 made-for-TV movie “Judgment Day: The John List Story”, which stars Robert Blake as List. The movie depicts the events leading up to the murder of List’s family and his eventual capture and trial.

Another example is the 2011 documentary series “A Crime to Remember“, which features an episode dedicated to the John List case. The episode includes interviews with investigators, journalists, and family members, and provides a detailed look at the events surrounding the crime.

While “A Killer Next Door” may not directly depict the case of John List, it is part of a broader trend of true crime-inspired media that draws on real-life cases of murder and mayhem. These stories continue to fascinate and horrify audiences, reminding us of the dangers that can lurk behind closed doors and in the minds of our neighbors.

Final Words

Delores Miller Clark’s husband John List came into the limelight after murdering his family members. There are a number of movies and documentaries in context to the List murders. The John List murders remain to be the most lethal act of all time.

Is Delores miller Clark still alive?

No, Delores miller Clark is not alive yet.

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