Daniel Dane Reinhart Age, Wife, Net Worth, Wiki, Family

Daniel Dane Reinhart Age, Wife, Family, Wiki, Net Worth

Lili Reinhart is a popular American actress with a huge fan following. She is much known for her amazing performance in CW’s Riverdale. The beautiful actress has shown her acting skills in movies like The First Hope, Kings of Summer, The Good Neighbors, and Lilith. Obviously! You should remember her from her movies!

In this article, we will share information about her father, Daniel Dane Reinhart, who is a pretty successful businessman.

Daniel Dane Reinhart Wiki, Bio, Age, Ethnicity

Daniel Dane Reinhart is an American national and his ethnicity is white. He came into the world in Ohio, United States of America, on 9th February 1960. He believes in Christianity and follows Christian culture. Daniel Dane Reinhart is 63 years old as of 2023.

Daniel Dane Reinhart Education, Career

The successful entrepreneur pursued his college studies at Baldwin Wallace University. He completed his higher studies in business administration. Following his college graduation, Daniel Dane Reinhart embarked on a professional journey within the corporate realm. He gained experience across diverse industries, honing his expertise in management, finance, and strategic planning. Over time, he ascended the corporate hierarchy, securing pivotal roles within international organizations.

Daniel Dane Reinhart pursued entrepreneurial endeavors, venturing into the tech industry and founding his own businesses. His diverse roles included working as a trader, a sales manager, and a producer. Collaborating with his wife, Amy Reinhart—an accomplished producer and former singer—they jointly contributed to the production of several feature films.

Daniel Dane Reinhart has recently provided his services as the Vice President of Salem Distributing Company, a leading company supplying glass, metal fabrication equipment, stone, and other materials. He handles the major part of the sales and marketing operations of the firm and leads a team of highly qualified executives.

Daniel Dane Reinhart is a successful and reputed businessperson who gained a lot of fame and fortune through his talent and skills. He is a very loving and supportive partner and a responsible father, who has been with Amy for more than 50 years and has three daughters Tess, Lili, and Chloe.

Daniel Dane Reinhart Relationship

Daniel got into a romantic relationship with Amy Reinhart and further, the couple got married to each other in October 1990. The couple decided to spend their married life together in Cleveland. They have enjoyed their happily married life staying in Cleveland for over three decades.

Daniel Dane Reinhart Children, Family

Daniel Dane Reinhart has three lovely children from his marriage relationship with his wife Amy Reinhart. The much popular Lily Reinhart came into the world in 1996. She is the 2nd child of Daniel and Amy. Their eldest daughter, Chloe Reinhart, was born in 1993. The couple were blessed with their youngest daughter, Tess Reinhart, in 2003.

Daniel Dane Reinhart Physical Appearance, Height, Weight

Daniel Dane Reinhart is a married man and father of three lovely kids. He stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches. He weighs around 74kg and has mesmerizing blue eyes and dark brown hair color.

Daniel Dane Reinhart Net Worth

Daniel Dane Reinhart has attained great success through his hard work and amazing working skills. He has opted to refrain from media attention and not reveal his private information in the media.

Daniel Dane Reinhart net worth is estimated to be around $ 6-8 million from his successful entrepreneur career.

What are some of the companies that Daniel Dane Reinhart has worked for?

Daniel Dane Reinhart has held significant roles in various industries:

  • At Salem Distributing Company, a global supplier specializing in glass, stone, and metal fabrication equipment and materials, he serves as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
  • He contributed to the success of Loopt, a location-based social networking app acquired by Green Dot Corporation in 2012, where he held the position of Sales Manager.
  • Within Helion, a company focused on developing and producing hydrogen fuel cells for vehicles and other applications, Daniel took on the roles of both producer and trader.
  • In the realm of entertainment, he has played a key role in the production of various feature films, including “The Clapper,” “The Lady Is a Champ,” and “Something Special.” Collaborating with his wife, Amy Reinhart—a producer and former singer—he served as both a producer and co-producer on these projects.

Daniel Dane Reinhart Wife Amy Reinhart

Daniel Dane Reinhart wife Amy Reinhart is a notable family member, activist, and producer, recognized prominently as the mother of Lili Reinhart, a well-known actress renowned for her role in the TV show Riverdale. Amy is not only a supportive parent but also an outspoken advocate against gun violence. Her Instagram often features memorial posts related to tragic events like Sandy Hook.

Married to Daniel Reinhart, a successful businessman, and Vice President of a company, Amy has played a crucial role as a producer in some of her husband’s feature films, including “The Clapper,” “The Lady Is a Champ,” and “Something Special.”

Born on September 20, 1966, in the United States, Amy holds a degree in healthcare. She is the proud mother of three daughters—Lili, Chloe, and Tess—and actively supports and takes pride in their endeavors.

Amy Reinhart belongs to a talented and successful family with a notable legacy in the country music industry, contributing to their standing as a noteworthy and accomplished family.

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