Cinco Ranch High School Student Killed in Car Accident

Cinco Ranch High School Student Killed in Car Accident

The Katy and Cinco Ranch High School community is in mourning following the tragic incident on September 28, 2023. A 14-year-old student, on his way to Cinco Ranch High School in the morning, was fatally struck by a car. The collision occurred between 6:45 a.m. and 7:35 a.m.

Cinco Ranch Accident Details

The teenager Cinco Ranch was cycling at a crosswalk located on Mason Road and Cinco Park, near Betty Sue Creech Elementary School. Concerns about pedestrian safety have risen in the wake of this tragic event. At the scene, two compassionate individuals attempted to help and performed CPR, but sadly, their efforts were unsuccessful in saving the young Cinco Ranch life.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating this incident. The driver involved has been taken into custody and faces felony charges under the New Louisiana Torry Act.

The driver, identified as Devin Delvalle, 20 years old, was reportedly driving along the road and entering the crosswalk when the collision occurred. Investigations have indicated that he was driving at such a high speed that he was unable to apply the brakes in time. Despite the presence of a crosswalk sign, he failed to yield, resulting in the tragic loss of the young boy on his way to school.

Sheriff Fagan has noted that Devin Delvalle remained at the scene and cooperated fully throughout the investigation process. Subsequently, Delvalle was taken to Fort Bend County Jail, where he faces charges related to motor vehicle collisions, particularly those involving pedestrians and other road users within crosswalks. The charges are filed under the Lisa Torry Smith Act, commonly referred to as the Crosswalk Law.

The Lisa Torry Smith Act was named after an individual who tragically lost his life while walking across a crosswalk in 2017. This law, enacted in 2021, mandates that drivers must stop and yield the right of way to pedestrians lawfully within or adjacent to a crosswalk. Violations of this law can result in charges for the driver involved in a collision within a crosswalk, with even more severe felony charges if the collision leads to a pedestrian’s death.

In light of this incident, county sheriffs have offered some essential safety tips for both drivers and pedestrians to prevent similar tragedies. Drivers are urged to exercise vigilance, reduce their speed, and be prepared to come to a complete stop when approaching a crosswalk. Speeds ranging from 22 to 35 miles per hour can be lethal to pedestrians. Pedestrians are advised to make sure they clearly see approaching vehicles before crossing the road.

Details regarding the obituary and funeral arrangements for the young victim will be shared by the family in due course.

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