Chesnee High School Accident News Update, 3 died 1 Injured

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The Chesnee football game against Landrum High School met a tragic fate last Friday, as a devastating incident unfolded involving three students and their driver on their way to the Friday night football match. This heart-wrenching news has swiftly reverberated throughout the entire Chesnee community, leaving them in a state of profound shock.

According to reports emanating from the Chesnee, South Carolina community, three high school students from the Spartanburg County school district tragically lost their lives at the scene of the accident, while the fourth individual, the driver, was rushed to the hospital but, regrettably, could not survive. This horrific incident compelled local authorities to cancel the scheduled football game for Friday night.

Chesnee High School Car Accident Details

The catastrophic crash took place on Fairfield Road near Henderson Road around 3:38 p.m. The vehicle veered into a ditch and subsequently collided with trees, resulting in such a violent impact that the car erupted into flames. Tragically, two female students and one male student were trapped inside the vehicle and tragically lost their lives.

First responders swiftly arrived at the scene, with the Chesnee police department, the coroner, and various rescue departments, including ambulance and fire brigades, mobilizing to address the situation.

In light of this heartbreaking incident, officials have also called off the cross-county team midnight mile marathon and youth football games originally scheduled for Saturday.

On September 29, 2023, Chesnee High School decided to postpone its scheduled football game against Landrum High School due to a “terrible tragedy” that had struck the community. While specific details of the tragedy were not disclosed by the school, reports indicated that the Spartanburg County Coroner’s Office had been summoned to an automobile accident scene near Chesnee. The potential connection between the accident and the postponement of the game remains unclear.

Erik Gerstenacker, the principal of Chesnee High School, has conveyed his deepest condolences and concerns for the grieving families, urging everyone to hold the students who lost their lives in their thoughts and prayers. The entire Chesnee community has rallied together to extend their heartfelt condolences and support to the affected families. This tragic news has profoundly shaken the Chesnee High School community.

Community members have taken to social media to express their solidarity and support, underscoring that, irrespective of team allegiances or hometowns, they stand united in this moment of grief. They are calling for prayers for Chesnee, Chesnee High School, the bereaved families, healing, and peace in the challenging days ahead. The loss of three lives and one individual in critical condition is an immense burden to bear, and the community is united in providing solace.

As we anxiously await further updates from the authorities concerning this devastating accident, our hearts go out to the Chesnee community during this exceedingly difficult time.

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