Cecil the Dog Ate $4000 Incident Story

Cecil the Dog Ate $4000 Incident Story

Cecil is a seven-year-old goldendoodle from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who belongs to Clayton and Carrie Law. Cecil the Dog ate $4,000 in cash that his owners had withdrawn from their savings account and left on the kitchen counter. The couple had to wash and tape together the money that Cecil had chewed up or pooped out. They managed to recover $3,550 of the $4,000 and exchanged it at the bank. They also posted a video of the incident on Instagram, where it gained a lot of attention and sympathy.

Local couple says dog ate $4000 in cash

“A Costly Snack: The $4000 Meal of a Pennsylvania Couple’s Dog”

Cecil is usually a well-behaved dog who is not food-motivated, but apparently, he has a taste for money. His owners said they still love him despite his costly mistake. They also joked that they had laundered money for the first time in their lives.

In a surprising incident, a Pittsburgh couple’s dog, Cecil, consumed nearly $4,000 in cash. Clayton and Carrie Law were stunned to find that Cecil had eaten the money they had just withdrawn and left on the kitchen table. Cecil ingested about half the money and shredded the other half. Shocked by this behavior, which was uncharacteristic of Cecil. 

After their dog Cecil ate $4,000, Clayton and Carrie Law faced the prospect of a lengthy claims process of up to three years through the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Instead, they contacted their bank and were advised to wait for Cecil the Dog to naturally expel the cash. Clayton gained hope when Cecil vomited $100 bills around 2 a.m., giving them a chance to recover some of the money. This incident highlights the unexpected challenges pet owners can face.

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