Carl Weathers Obituary, Cause of Death, Wife, Net Worth, Height

Carl Weathers Obituary, Cause of Death, Wife, Net Worth, Height

Carl Weathers, a renowned actor famous for his roles in films like Rocky and Predator, has been through a wonderful personal life portrayed by connections and relationships. Let us delve into the marital history and relationship status of Carl and some questions related to Carl Weathers’s Spouses.

Carl Weathers Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth

Carl Weathers came into the world on 14th January 1948, in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States. Carl Weathers’s age is 76 years as of 2024. He was a multifaceted personality being a celebrated actor and a director. He was also interested in sports and showed his skills as a football linebacker. He became famous for his iconic role as Apollo Creed in movies like Rocky and as Greef Karga in the film Mandalorian in recent times. Carl made a deep impact on the entertainment industry.

Carl Weathers stood at a height of 6 feet 2 inches, which is equivalent to 188 centimeters.

Carl Career lasted for decades with his journey from blockbuster movies to popular Television shows, which gained him a large fan following. He stood apart in the entertainment industry with his portrayal of the amazing character of Apollo Creed in the Rocky series, accompanied by the renowned actor Sylvester Stallone.

He displayed his versatility with his diversified roles by getting featured in movies like Mandalorian, Predator, and Happy Gilmore, where he depicted his skillful captivating ability to audiences across several genres.

Carl Weathers net worth is estimated to be around $8 million with his successful acting career. He also owns a fantastic house in California, in the United States valued at around $3-4 million.

Carl Weathers Marriage with Mary Ann Castle (1973-1983)

Carl Weathers got into a married relationship with Mary Ann Castle in 1973. The couple spent almost a decade together and then parted ways with each other. Mary Ann Castle was a profound actress and a stuntwoman personality who got into the limelight with shows like Mission Impossible and The Wild Wild West. She also made appearances in the movies like Dirty Harry and True Grit.

Carl Weathers Relationship with Rhona Unsell (1984-2006)

Following his separation from Mary Ann Castle, Carl Weathers got into a romantic relationship with Rhona Unsell, who came into the world on 23rd February 1962, in the United States. Rhona is a fitness model and was indulged in bodybuilding activities before her modeling journey. She rose to fame with her absolutely stunning body physique and even appeared in Muscle and Fitness magazines.

Rhona Unsell met Carl while she was working as a fitness trainer at a gym Carl used to visit frequently. The duo got to know each other and started dating in a very short period. The couple were in a love relationship for almost a decade before they decided to part ways finally, following their disputes over the years in 2006.

Throughout their time together, Unsell not only became a significant figure in Weathers’ life as his romantic partner but also as his personal trainer, aiding him in maintaining the iconic muscular physique for which he is renowned in films like “Rocky” and “Predator.” Frequently, the duo engaged in joint workout sessions, with Unsell.

Carl Weathers Marriage with Jennifer Peterson (2007-2009)

Carl came to terms with Jennifer Peterson and started dating each other. After getting to know their personality, the couple tied the knot in 2007. However, the relationship did not last long and the couple got divorced in 2009. The reason behind the couple parting ways is not known yet.

Carl Weathers Obituary, Cause of Death

Carl left on a heavenly abode on 1st February 2024. He was 76 years of age when he passed away. The cause of death is not revealed by his family members, but there are speculations that he died of medical complications resulting from a spinal injury caused by a stunt that he performed in the movie Happy Gilmore. May his pure soul rest in peace.


  1. How many times did Carl Weathers marry?

  • Carl Weathers married 3 times in his life tenure, 1st to Mary Ann Castle, 2nd to Rhona Unsell, and then to Jennifer Peterson.
  1. Did Carl Weathers have any kids?

  • Carl Weathers has two children Matthew and Jason from his married life.
  1. Was Carl in any other relationship apart from his marriages?

  • Yes, Carl was involved in a number of relationships apart from his marriages.
  1. What led to the death of Carl Weathers?

  • Carl Weathers left his pure soul at the age of 76 on 1st February 2024, at his house in Los Angeles, in the United States.

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