Candace Wheeler Georgia Recent News

Candace Wheeler Georgia Recent News

In this article, we will discuss Candace Wheeler Georgia and the latest update about the series that is based on the murder mystery.

Are you aware of Candy Montgomery?

She was known as Candy Wheeler before she got into a marriage relationship. Candy was alleged of a brutal murder of her close friend Betty Gore, but eventually, she appeared to be not guilty. The murder mystery was a shock for the people of the United States in the early 80s.

Further, Candy was deprived of the charges levied on her and she started to work as a family counselor and therapist as a reputed citizen of the United States. Let us have a look at the truth revealed about Candace Wheeler Georgia.

Who is Candace Wheeler?

Candy Montgomery is a former Texas housewife who gained notoriety in 1980 when she brutally murdered her friend Betty Gore with an axe. The murder took place in Wylie, Texas, and it became one of the most sensational and highly publicized criminal cases of its time. The case was notable for its lurid details, including allegations of adultery, jealousy, and religious fanaticism. Montgomery was eventually found not guilty of the murder by reason of temporary insanity, and she served no time in prison for the crime.

Candy was a really ambitious girl in her childhood, and soon after her schooling, she left her home for her career. She started to work for her livelihood and she also wanted to achieve a lavish lifestyle by marrying a rich guy and a leading life as a full-time mother. After her relationship failures, she finally got into a marriage relationship with Pat Montgomery. She was not happy with her marriage and decided to initiate a relationship with her close friend’s husband.

Candace Wheeler Montgomery

Betty Gore, Candy’s close friend discovered that her husband Allan was in a relationship with her bestie. So, Betty decided to confront her best friend about the same and know about the reality. Firstly, Candy refrained from the connections with Betty’s husband. Later, police officials discovered Betty Gore’s dead body which was axed 40+ times.

Days after the investigation, the police officials called Candy for interrogation and arrested her for Betty’s murder. Candy stood on her claim of being not guilty. Candy even claimed that she killed Betty Gore in self-defense. Candace Wheeler was arrested on the 27th of July and the trial started. It was a real sensational trial for the locals.

The Trial of Candace Wheeler Georgia

Before the trial started, Candy appeared in a psychological examination and was reported by Dr. Fred Fason as having psychological problems since her childhood days in the examination. She went through a number of traumas and faced huge parental pressure in her early days. She was put up in hypnosis therapy to analyze her mental condition. The investigation team realized that Candy was not in their senses at the murder scene.

Candy Montgomery was involved in a sensational murder case in the early 1980s. She was accused of murdering her friend Betty Gore with an axe in her home in Wylie, Texas, in 1980. The case went to trial in 1981 and garnered national attention due to its gruesome details and the fact that both women were housewives and active members of their local church.

Montgomery claimed that she acted in self-defense and that she was being attacked by Gore with a pickaxe. However, the prosecution argued that the murder was premeditated and that Montgomery had planned to kill Gore due to jealousy and other personal issues. After a lengthy trial, Montgomery was found not guilty of murder by reason of temporary insanity. She was committed to a mental hospital for a short period before being released, and she returned to her life as a private citizen.

The Candy Montgomery case remains a notable and controversial example of the use of the insanity defense in criminal trials, as well as the often sensationalized nature of high-profile murder cases in the United States.

recent news is, A series was made related to the incident in recent times. Candy was released on Hulu created by Nick and Robin Veith. In the series, Jessica Biel portrayed the real-life Candy Montgomery who was alleged of the murdered her close friend and neighbor, Betty Gore in 1980 in Texas, United States. Betty Gore was portrayed by Melanie Lynskey and the series made released on 9th May 2022, on Hulu.

Final Words

People of the United States still believe that Candy killed Betty on purpose. But, after getting caught she started to act for her self-defense story. However, Candy is now free of charges and leads a normal life as Candace Wheeler Georgia after her divorce from her husband.

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