What kind of salary prospects can you expect after completing a business administration diploma?

All of us desire handsome salary packages once we graduate from college irrespective of our educational background or preferred career domain. However, the fact remains that some professional domains have better-paying career prospects than others.

The corporate or the business world is one such domain where you can expect decent compensation packages. A relevant degree like a business administration diploma can help you earn top bucks while making a difference in the business sector.

Let’s understand the kind of salary prospects you can expect from a business administration program.

What can a business administration diploma offer you?

A business administration diploma generally introduces you to core business functions like marketing, accounting, logistics and organizational behavior. You may also learn about managing the employees in a business and engaging with them at different levels.

At the end of your diploma, you will be capable of strategic business planning and development. You will also be able to anticipate different business problems and find innovative solutions for them.

What is the career scope of a business administration diploma?

A business administration diploma, especially if it is from a good college, can enhance your career prospects in the corporate world. You will gain all the relevant business expertise and transferable skills required to be successful in any business position.

Being a business administration graduate in North America can allow you to secure any well-paid position with a business organization. You can earn a lot more if you complement your qualification with an advanced degree like an MBA.

What kind of salary prospects can you expect from a business administration diploma?

Career diversity is a major advantage of pursuing any degree in it owing to its multiple applications across different industries. Being a business administration professional allows you to choose a suitable role from a wide variety of exciting career choices.

Here is a short table of the top career options available to business administration graduates along with their average annual salaries. 

Serial number Position Prospective salary (in CAD per annum) Job description
1 Sales manager 70,008 They oversee the targets set for the sales teams and ensure that the company earns a specific revenue fixed for the financial year.
2 Business consultant 76,525 They help their client companies improve and fix organizational problems and improve their work efficiency. Their meticulous reports form the basis for business decision-making.
3 Financial analyst 64,636 They gather different types of financial data such as earnings and annual revenue to propose effective financial models. They also provide financial recommendations to the senior management.
4 Market research analyst 80,834 They help their clients understand customer preferences and buying behaviors so that they can cater to their requirements. Additionally, they conduct surveys to measure brand awareness in the market.

A good business administration program allows you to choose the right career path in the corporate domain and establish a successful career. Invest in a good business administration diploma from a reputed Canadian university today to kick-start your career in the business domain.

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