Bryan Dunagan Obituary Dallas TX, Age, Cause of Death

Bryan Dunagan obituary Dallas TX, Age, Cause of Death

Bryan Dunagan, a lifelong resident of Dallas, was born on March 15, 1955. His unwavering affection for his hometown kept him rooted there throughout his entire life. Growing up, he thrived in a tightly-knit community that cherished strong family values. After completing his undergraduate studies in political science at Stanford University, he pursued further education at Regent College and Fuller Theological Seminary, earning both a master of divinity and a doctor of ministry degree. Bryan’s pastoral journey took him to various churches in California, Houston, and Washington State before his return to Dallas in 2014, where he assumed leadership at Highland Park Presbyterian Church.

Bryan Dunagan was renowned for his captivating and thought-provoking sermons, his forward-thinking and strategic guidance, and his approachable and modest demeanor. He steered the church through a period of expansion, revival, and metamorphosis. Additionally, he instigated numerous community outreach initiatives and collaborations aimed at addressing the needs of both the local and global populations. Bryan actively participated in various activities and affiliations, including the Rotary Club, the Chamber of Commerce, the Lions Club, and the Boy Scouts. Moreover, he generously devoted his time to volunteering at the local fire department and food bank. His benevolence and kindness left a lasting impact, touching the lives of many through his unwavering faith and love.

Bryan Dunagan Cause of Death

Bryan Dunagan held the position of senior pastor at Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Texas. His unexpected passing occurred on October 25, 2023, at the age of 44, attributed to natural causes. Reverend Bryan Dunagan, cherished for his passionate and graceful service as a leader, preacher, and teacher, made a profound impact on both the church and the community. He leaves behind his wife, Ali, as well as their three children: Paul Jr., Jessica, and Brian, as his surviving family.

The passing of Bryan Dunagan has created an immense emptiness in the hearts of his family, friends, congregation, and community. The church’s email announcement conveyed that he peacefully passed away in his sleep due to natural causes. On October 31, 2023, his funeral service took place at the First Baptist Church of Boiling Springs, where hundreds of people gathered to offer their respects and commemorate his legacy. He now rests in peace at the Boiling Springs Cemetery, alongside his parents. In lieu of flowers, his family kindly requested donations to the Boiling Springs Community Foundation.

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