Brooke Gomez Found Dead, Husband, Dog, Age, Wiki, Mother

Brooke Gomez Death Reason, Husband, Dog, Age, Wiki, Mother

Brooke Gomez was a well-known celebrity interior designer, recognized for her work with prominent figures such as Bethenny Frankel.

What Happened to Brooke Gomez? Obituary

Brooke aged 49, was discovered lifeless in her $1.3 million apartment on Madison Avenue in Manhattan’s Upper East Side on November 21, 2023. Her body, in an ‘advanced state of decomposition,’ was found after she hadn’t been seen for over a week. Concerned for her well-being, a friend enlisted the building’s superintendent to check on her and subsequently dialed 911. Although the official cause of her death has not been confirmed or disclosed, the police stated that no criminal activity is suspected at this point.

Brooke was the daughter of the renowned decorator Mariette Himes Gomez, who oversees the Gomez Associates design firm and the Shop at 200 Lexington Avenue. Originally aspiring to become a lawyer, Brooke later chose to follow in Brooke Gomez mother’s footsteps and joined the family business. She earned a degree in Accounting and Finance with a Real Estate Concentration from Texas Christian University.

Notably, Brooke Gomez did not have a husband at the time of her death. She was previously married to James Smith.

Brooke Gomez Cause of Death

Brooke Gomez passed away due to complications related to chronic alcohol use.

Brooke Gomez Dog

Brooke owned a dog named Edie, a loyal Maltese mix who was her constant companion. Edie was present in Gomez’s apartment at the time of her death and managed to survive by feeding on her remains.

Brooke Net Worth

While Brooke Gomez net worth remains undisclosed, some sources estimate it to be around $1 million at the time of her passing.

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