Brandy and Julie Fired from Sirius? Truth or Fake News?

Brandy and Julie Fired from Sirius Truth or Fake News

In this article we will discuss about the truth related to the rumors Is Brandy and Julie fired from Sirius?

Who is Brandy Howard and Julie Goldman?

Brandy Howard and Julie Goldman form a dynamic comedy duo with a history of collaboration across various media platforms, including television shows, podcasts, and web series. Their most prominent roles include entertaining audiences on Bravo’s The People’s Couch and the Vanderpump Rules Aftershow, where they delivered uproarious commentary on reality TV programs. They additionally steer the ship of the popular podcast titled Dumb Gay Politics, ingeniously dissecting political events in a manner reminiscent of reality TV analysis.

Both openly identifying as gay, Brandy and Julie have cultivated a devoted and ardent fan base within the LGBTQ+ community. Their creative partnership traces back to 2007, marked by their co-authorship of scripts for both cinematic productions and television hits like Fashion Police and Funny Girls. Notably, they’re in the process of producing their very own full-length romantic comedy film with a lesbian focus, aptly named Nicest Thing.

What truly sets them apart is their exceptional blend of humor and distinctive personalities, propelling them into a league of their own within the comedy landscape.

“The People’s Couch” stands as a reality TV series centered around everyday individuals who watch and offer commentary on trending shows and noteworthy news from the preceding week. On the other hand, “Vanderpump Rules Aftershow” takes the form of a talk show, spotlighting the ensemble of “Vanderpump Rules” – a reality TV program chronicling the lives of the staff at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant, SUR.

This engaging Aftershow, hosted by the comedic and writer duo Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard, assumes the role of interviewer and commentator. They engage in discussions with cast members, proffering their viewpoints on the intricacies of drama and occurrences within the realm of “Vanderpump Rules.” These shows both promise entertainment and humor, available for viewing either online or through on-demand platforms.

Is Sirius really willing to fire Brandy and Julie?

It is a mystery that revolves around the sudden dismissal of Brandy and Julie. There are speculations about Brandy and Julie having an on-air after-show on Sirius XM and thereafter leaving their jobs. There is a theory circulating that the success of their show, along with the prominent program hosted by Jeff Lewis, might have played a part in influencing this choice. Some of the viewers believe that the hosts left their jobs pertaining to the discomfort of Jeff Lewis due to the show being mocked on the encore broadcast.

It has to be taken into consideration that none of the duo Brandy and Julie have commented on the rumors, and neither has any response from Sirius XM. It is really hard to know what motivation led to the shifts in the responsibilities without having any official confirmation. Moreover, there is no official confirmation either.

Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard’s Professional Journey

After getting featured on Logo’s popular Big Gay Sketch Show, Julie Goldman came into the limelight and set herself as a famous stand-up artist. On the other hand, Brandy Howard has appeared in several national ads as a prolific actress and model.

The stint of Julie and Brandy on Bravo helped them to gather a devoted fan base, which led them to their successful comedy podcast Dumb Gay Politics. More than 160k people are willing to listen to their program every month, placing it in the list of most popular Podcasts on iTunes. Their podcast has evolved into a radio show with national syndication on Channel Q, hosted on This expansion has not only heightened their visibility but has also solidified their position within the industry.

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