Bobby Pipkin Oxford PA Missing Update News

Bobby Pipkin Oxford PA Missing Update News

Bobby Pipkin, a 42-year-old man, went missing after leaving a family member’s 70th birthday celebration on the intersection of South Van Buren and Chestnut Streets around 1 A.M. on Saturday, November 25.

At the time of Bobby Pipkin disappearance, Bobby was dressed in a black sweater, black jeans, and a black shirt featuring a character from The Simpsons. He also wore a black hat and glasses, with a distinctive chain that reads “Genius.” He was driving a black 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport with the license plate LJY4214, which has not yet been located by the police.

Bobby Pipkin resides in Oxford, Pennsylvania, approximately 30 miles away from where he was last seen. His wife, Janet West Moreland, reported that he did not send her any text messages or make any calls that night. Concerned about his whereabouts, Bobby’s daughter, Cianie Pipkin, and son, Elijah Pipkin, have reached out to the public for information.

The family conducted a thorough search along the route he would have taken, hoping to find his car or any signs of an accident. Despite their efforts, they have found no leads.

Bobby Pipkin wife expressed their frustration, stating, “We’ve literally taken every possible route to find them, and there are no leads. We haven’t observed any damage to guardrails, and we even searched wooded areas on our way home yesterday.”

The last time the family saw and spoke to Bobby, everything appeared normal, and he seemed his usual happy self. Now, they are grappling with feelings of helplessness but are trying to maintain hope.

Elijah Pipkin, Bobby son, shared his sentiments, saying, “I just hope that he’s safe. I know he is safe. I know God has him no matter what, and we’re going to continue to pray for him. I hope everybody watching this prays for him.”

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