Best Apps Every Student Should Use

Best Apps Every Student Should Use

Modern students have a lot of advantages over previous generations. For example, young people can use the Internet, applications, and previously unavailable databases. That is why your smartphone or tablet can replace your student library and many scientific works. The problem is that there are so many software products that young people don’t know where to start. So here are the best apps every student should use!


As a rule, students often make notes that help them not to forget about any important research, facts, or references. However, you are unlikely to write down important information on a piece of paper that can easily get lost under tons of your notebooks, books, and clothes. That is why you should download Evernote, as it is a good note-taking tool with syntax support and fast file search. Now you can manage all your notes, edit them and share them with your friends. In addition, you do not have to get used to the interface for a long time since the control panel is quite simple.

Oxford Dictionary

Dictionaries are important for all students as they allow you to learn the meanings of words, synonyms, antonyms, and other important information. If you download the Oxford Dictionary, you can access thousands of words and transcriptions. In addition, you will have another tool to improve your writing skills. However, there is nothing wrong with not being able to handle any assignments. Delegate some papers by first finding a reliable writing service. Say, “write my paper for cheap!” Surely delegation of assignments will help you free up time and switch to the most important activities.

Office Lens

Imagine finding a good book, magazine, or scientific article in the library. You will probably want to save important paragraphs for future research. But the problem is that not all articles and books are on the Internet or in the public domain. However, you can always download Office Lens to overcome such barriers. The fact is that this application allows you to scan pages and convert them to text. In other words, you can get a DOC, TXT, or PDF file in a few clicks. This trick will allow you to save important information you need for your research.

myHomework Student Planner

Take a look at the top students at your college or university. Have you ever thought about the reasons for their success? The fact is that any responsible student should use applications like myHomework Student Planner. Such a software product will allow you to schedule lessons daily or make important reminders. As you can see, one application can change your approach to educational activities. As a result, you will be able to complete assignments faster and be able to count on high grades.

Google Drive

Not so long ago, USB drives were very common as they were the best way to transfer information. But now everything has changed, and Internet technologies rule the world. You will be surprised, but you no longer need memory cards or DVDs! Forget about such technological rudiments; you can use cloud storage like Google Drive. Store your samples, papers, slides, and important data in the cloud. No one will be able to access your archives without your permission. In addition, you can edit, copy and print your files on any device. As you can see, such an application will allow you to stay at the academic forefront and count on high grades.


Sometimes students need to create mind maps to organize information and prepare for writing activities. But the problem is that not all young people are ready to use plain text files or notepad pages. Luckily, you can download SimpleMind and set up a quick mind map creation process. Now it will be easier for you to organize and sort your thoughts. Moreover, you will no longer be sad because of lost ideas and areas to explore. Thanks to this application, your academic performance will improve.


Not all people are ready to write perfect texts non-stop. Sometimes students have to take a break to concentrate on other tasks. What if you’re short on time and want to polish your paper? Use Grammarly, and you can solve most grammar and spelling problems. This application will help you see errors and inaccuracies even if you are tired and see only a wall of text. Luckily, you can choose a heuristic analysis style so that the application gives you more ways to improve your assignment.


The main problem for many students is that they try to follow an academic style and craft very long sentences. As a result, their papers become like ancient manuscripts with endless sentences and paragraphs. Luckily, Hemingway can help you solve this problem. This application will allow you to identify word sentences and underline them. By the way, Hemingway uses color grading to show you the severity of your mistakes. With this approach, you can solve most of your writing problems and polish your draft.


Zoom is the perfect application that will allow you to connect to online lectures. What if your college or university offers distance learning for some students? In this case, you can use this application to participate in web classrooms. You can even watch the professor write something on the board or screen, so try experimenting. Perhaps remote lectures are what you need.

Final Words

There are thousands of perfect apps to make every day of your academic day better. Moreover, you will certainly appreciate the ability to use web technologies to sort, analyze and interpret data. Use all the apps above, and you can improve your academic performance.

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