Bayla Swid Missing Details, Last Location Miami, Age

Bayla Swid Missing Details, Last Location Miami, Age

Bayla Swid Missing News

Bayla Swid, a resident of Boca Raton, has been reported missing since July 15, 2023, after her last sighting in Miami with an unidentified 44-year-old man who goes by the aliases Robert Davis and Bradley Davis. Fearing for her safety, Swid’s family has turned to social media, pleading for any information that could help locate the missing woman.

In a recent Instagram post, the family stated that Bayla Swid, who works as a bartender at Loch Bar in Boca Raton, has been absent from both her work and summer classes since July 15. This behavior was considered suspicious because it goes against her character, as she has never been known to neglect her responsibilities and commitments before.

The family further disclosed that Bayla Swid has not used her phone and has deliberately turned off her location for several weeks, making it extremely difficult for them to determine her location. Additionally, Swid has been absent from social media during this time.

The family suspects that she may be in the company of the unidentified man and has urged people to immediately contact 911 if they happen to spot the two together.

Bayla Swid Last Location

As of the latest information available, Bayla Swid’s last known location was in Miami.

On July 27, the family and friends of Bayla Swid took to social media to appeal for assistance in locating the missing Florida native, who has been unaccounted for since July 15. In an Instagram post, Swid’s family shared distressing details, revealing that she was last seen with an unidentified man who used the aliases Robert Davis or Bradley Davis.

The family further disclosed that this man had not only exploited her financially by maxing out her credit cards but had also emptied her father’s joint bank account and even fraudulently opened new credit cards in her name, which were also pushed to their limits.

They clarified that certain recent posts on social media were not made by Bayla herself but were instead an attempt to mislead and conceal the situation. They reiterated the urgency of finding Bayla, emphasizing that she has been missing since July 15, 2023, and was last seen with the man who used the fake name: Robert Davis (44 years old, from California) and also goes by the name Bradley Davis.

Concerningly, Bayla’s family has discovered that this individual took advantage of her disappearance by opening multiple credit cards in her name, maxing them out, and even stealing money from her father’s joint bank account.

Adding to the concern, Bayla has stopped using her phone and social media, and she has disabled location services, making it difficult to trace her whereabouts.

Her sudden disappearance has caused distress and confusion among her loved ones, close friends, and acquaintances, especially since Bayla was known for her strong commitment to her responsibilities, including her summer classes and work.

The family has already reported her missing, but they urgently need any information that might help locate her.

They are reaching out to the public, pleading for anyone with even the smallest detail to come forward, as any piece of information could be crucial in bringing Bayla back home safely.

To assist in finding Bayla Swid and ensuring her well-being, her family seeks support from the community. They urge everyone to share this post and raise awareness to aid in the search.

The entire community, along with Bayla’s family, friends, and acquaintances, is eager to locate her. The involvement and support of the community in this ongoing search are highly valued. If you have any information about Bayla’s whereabouts or Robert Davis (Bradley Davis), the person she was last seen with, please contact @gswiddy.

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