Avielle Janelle Hernandez – Talent and Tragedy

Avielle Janelle Hernandez – Talent and Tragedy

Introduction and Biography to Avielle Janelle Hernandez

Born to parents Aaron Josef Hernandez and Shayanna Jenkins on November 6th, 2012, Avielle Janelle Hernandez is a small girl, aged 9 years old as of 2021. In the city of Bristol, Connecticut, United States, Avielle was born, on a bright morning, with dark brown eyes and hair. Belonging to the Zodiac sign Scorpio, she is an avid dancer who currently is enrolled in dancing classes at the Cheryl’s School of Dance in Rhode Island. She has just completed Kindergarten, and lives with her mother Shayanna Jenkins, along with her stepfather, Dino Guilmette. In Long Island, Dino Guilmette began his career as an amateur boxer.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez is currently in the spotlight, even though at a very young age, because of her father, Aaron Josef Hernandez. Aaron Hernandez has had committed suicide in 2017, when he was in jail since April 15th, 2015. Aaron Hernandez had been convicted for the first-degree murder of his friend Odin Llyod. 

Brief Account of Avielle Janelle Hernandez — Aaron Hernandez’s Daughter

With her mother Shayanna being an Italian descendant, and her father Aaron coming from a Puerto Rican ethnic background, Avielle is born with black hair and brown eyes. At the age of 9 years old, Avielle Janelle Hernandez weighs in at twenty-five kilograms, and measures three feet and two inches tall in height! She has a half-sister from her mother Shayanna and her stepfather Dino Guilmette. 

Life Story of Avielle Janelle Hernandez — Aaron Hernandez’s Daughter

At an early age of 5 years old, Avielle Janelle Hernandez lost her father to his self-inflicted suicide while he was in prison, for the ghastly crime of killing his friend. She lost her father even more after he was convicted and sentenced to between four and a half to seven years in prison! She finally saw the last of her father, after the day Aaron Hernandez committed suicide in his prison cell. 

Profiling Aaron Hernandez!

Aaron Josef Hernandez was a former American Football tight end for New England Patriot National Football League (NFL) Club! Though he was drafted to play, he didn’t get much time on the field due to him being a problem for the team and club. Often, Aaron would be in trouble because of his behavioral issues such as multiple failed drug tests, and character concerns, particularly his rage incidents, which rose during questions about his s*xuality.

He was intrinsically gay, due to the childhood abuse, and often had problems coping with his orientation. The father of Avielle Janelle Hernandez is primarily known for a murder crime, for which he had been convicted and sentenced to prison for four and a half to seven years.

Aaron had been convicted for the murder of his friend Odin Llyod, through the use of a gun, with multiple bullets shot at Odin, through his back and chest. As per the evidence and the court’s conviction sentence, Aaron had murdered Odin on the night of June 17th, 2013, after Aaron felt he couldn’t trust Odin because of something he told him that night. After serving some time in prison, after his conviction, Aaron committed suicide in his jail cell, using a bedsheet to hang himself from the ceiling on April 19, 2017, at 3:05 am. 

Shayanna Jenkins and Aaron Hernandez

Shayanna Jenkins is the ex-girlfriend, or rather ex-fiancé of Aaron Josef Hernandez since both never got married officially. Shayanna Jenkins quietly detached from Aaron during and after his court trials for the murder of Odin Llyod. After Aaron was convicted and jailed for a maximum term of seven years, Shayanna Jenkins began dating Dino Guilmette, who has been an amateur boxer In Long Island. Shayanna never married Aaron but was having an alive-in relationship in which she gave birth to Avielle, a daughter from Aaron. Currently, Shayanna is married to Dino, with Dino as a step-father to Avielle Hernandez.

How were Avielle’s Parents Aaron and Shayanna Get Together?

Avielle’s Parents — Shayanna Jenkins and Aaron knew each other since the first day of elementary school. They had been acquainted as friends then, which changed in the year 2007. That is to know, Aaron asked out Shayanna on a date leading to things changing for the better for both, soon after which, they became life partners until 2013. 

How has Avielle Gained Popularity?

Since the court’s conviction of Aaron Hernandez, all of his family members, including his ex-fiancé Shayanna and his children with her have been under the spotlight of nationwide news. Furthermore, when Aaron committed suicide in his jail cell, for his crime of murdering his friend Odin Llyod, Shayanna and Avielle gained popularity, since Aaron was an NFL Club footballer. 

Frequently Asked Question about Aaron Hernandez’s Daughter Avielle Janelle Hernandez

What is the aged of Avielle Janelle Hernandez? 

As of November 2021, Avielle Hernandez will have completed 9 years of age. 

Estimated Net Worth of Avielle Hernandez?

Considering that Aaron Hernandez’s net estimated property and holdings were valued at approximately $2 million, including a $1.3 million worth, four-storied, 8,130 square foot house in North Attleborough, Massachusetts, which has an in-ground pool, Avielle is deemed to be the inheritor of Aaron’s assets as per this valuation, at $2 million! Since she is underage, currently all the assets are in the name and control of Shayanna Jenkins, her biological mother. 

Current Residence of Avielle Hernandez?

It is rumored that Avielle Janelle Hernandez currently lives with her mother, Shayanna and her stepfather Dino in Cranston, Rhode Island, United States.

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