Are Lizzy and Kye Still Together?

Are Lizzy and Kye Still Together

As of 2023, Lizzy and Kye remain a strong and committed couple. Both avid participants in the world of street racing, they are notable fixtures on the reality TV series ‘Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings.’ Despite a minor disagreement showcased on the show, which sparked speculation of a breakup among their fans, they were quick to clarify that it was a typical couple’s quarrel and that their love for each other remains unwavering. Their Instagram accounts continue to showcase their affection, and they are in the midst of planning their wedding.

Their journey as a couple commenced in 2017 when they met at a racing event and immediately hit it off. Since then, they have remained inseparable, providing each other unwavering support both on and off the racetrack. Their shared passion for racing has often led to friendly competition between them, and they even lead their own racing teams, with Lizzy at the helm of Team Musi and Kye in charge of Team Kye.

Lizzy and Kye Still Together?

Despite the challenges that have come their way, including health issues, the constraints of a long-distance relationship, and persistent rumors, Lizzy and Kye’s love has stood the test of time. In 2020, Lizzy faced a stage four breast cancer diagnosis, undergoing grueling rounds of chemotherapy and surgery. Kye was a steadfast pillar of support, ensuring she received the best care and remained by her side throughout her recovery.

Today, Lizzy is on the path to recovery and filled with optimism for the future. The geographical distance that separates them, with Kye residing in Mississippi and Lizzy in North Carolina, presents its own set of hurdles. However, they make every effort to spend time together and maintain constant communication. They have learned to disregard the rumors and gossip surrounding their relationship, especially from both their fans and rivals, choosing to concentrate on the positive aspects of their enduring bond.

In the world of street racing, Lizzy and Kye have solidified their status as one of the most beloved and accomplished couples. Their unwavering dedication to each other has earned them a devoted fan base and the respect of their peers. Their happiness and love continue to shine brightly, and they eagerly anticipate the day they will exchange vows and embark on the journey of building a family together.

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