Andy Brizio Obituary, Hot Rod Legend died at 91

Andy Brizio Obituary, Hot Rod Legend died at 91

Andy Brizio was a legendary figure in Northern California’s hot rod community, affectionately known as “The Rod Father.” On Tuesday, August 1st, 2023, at the age of 91, Andy Brizio passed away. A true pioneer in the world of hot rodding, he earned acclaim by winning America’s Most Beautiful Roadster Award in 1970 with his famous Instant-T creation. As a co-owner of Champion Speed Shop, he played a significant role in advancing the hot rod culture. Andy Brizio cause of death is not confirmed yet

Beyond his mechanical achievements, he fostered a sense of camaraderie among hot rod enthusiasts by organizing annual picnics for them. His dedication and passion for hot rods left a lasting impact on the community he loved.

Andy Brizio Wiki, Family

Andy Brizio leaves behind his loving wife, Sue, along with five daughters and a son named Roy. The funeral arrangements are yet to be announced. May he rest in peace, forever remembered for his contributions to the world of hot rodding.

Andy Brizio, the celebrated winner of America’s Most Beautiful Roadster in 1970, stands as a prominent figure in the hot rod world. As both designer and builder of the renowned Instant T kit car hot rod, he played a significant role in keeping the hot-rod flames alive during the challenging 1970s era when the nation grappled with oil embargoes and strict Federal emissions regulations.

Now, with a nostalgic spirit, Brizio plans to embark on one last memorable rod run to Indianapolis, with a captivating stop at the legendary Bonneville salt flats along the way. On the momentous day of September 14, the esteemed hot rodder, Gary Meadors of the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association, and a convoy of about 90 to 100 like-minded enthusiasts will gather on the vast salt flats before setting their sights on the destination of Indianapolis.

When reflecting on Andy Brizio journey, Brizio fondly recalls his initial cross-country adventure in 1969, a memorable trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where he drove the Volksrod, attracting substantial media attention. Inspired by this early success, he embarked on another remarkable trip in 1970, this time to the first-ever Street Rod Nationals in Peoria, accompanied by his friend Bud Barnett. The media’s enthusiastic coverage of their journey further motivated Brizio to undertake more cross-country runs in the following years, cementing his legacy in the world of hot rodding.

Over the past two decades, Brizio has remained faithful to his love for cross-country driving, making the iconic flamed purple ’32 roadster his vehicle of choice. This exceptional hot rod, skillfully crafted by his son, Roy Brizio, will be the vessel that carries him to the grand event in Indianapolis this year. When questioned about the choice of Indianapolis as their ultimate destination, Brizio holds the city in high regard, recognizing its significance as a hub for hot rodders and an emblematic location for the culmination of their road trip.

With the anticipation building and the engines revving, Andy Brizio and his dedicated crew eagerly await the momentous journey ahead, prepared to celebrate the rich heritage of hot rodding and continue their passionate pursuit of speed, style, and camaraderie.

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