8 Early Warning Signs of Kidney Diseases

8 Early Warning Signs of Kidney Diseases

Kidneys, just like your heart and brain remain the most important organs in your body, Your kidneys tend to perform important functions that are essential for the maintenance of normal functioning of your body. 

Well, there is a lot we know about kidney function. From the production of urine to maintaining fluid balance in the body, kidneys do it all. Kidneys are high-performing organs in the human body having more blood supply than the brain and liver. Kidney health is crucial for your overall well-being. 

Why is Kidney Health Important?

Kidney health problems are severe as well and can be very problematic to deal with. I remember my sister who developed a large kidney stone and how painful it was for her to bear the pain it was bringing along. Then we took her to the best nephrologist in Lahore who treated her for the condition. 

So, no matter what, kidney health is important and we should certainly pay attention to it. Many things increase your risk of suffering from kidney problems such as your lifestyle practices, dietary choices, and of course your genetics. What if I tell you that with the right kind of practices it is possible to prevent the onset of diseases. 

Early Signs of Kidney Disease

Alongside the preventive measures, you can also prevent these problems if you know about the early warning signs of kidney diseases. Alongside the preventive measures, you can also prevent these problems if you know about the early warning signs of kidney diseases. This is your body’s way to tell you that something is wrong with your kidneys. Curious about these signs your body shows in the first place? Here are the important ones you need to know about:

1- Unexplained Pain

One of the earliest signs of kidney disease is the pain coming from no apparent reason. This pain usually affects the area under your ribs and on the sides. This sudden pain comes in waves and is generally from mild to severe. If you continue to experience this pain often it is better to visit your physician for a timely diagnosis of any underlying kidney trouble. 

2- Nausea

Many things can result in vomiting and nausea. Alongside poor digestive health to medicinal side effects, nausea is also an important indicator of kidney health problems. This is especially important if the pain on your sides and under your ribs is accompanied by nausea.

3- Urine Changes

Urine is an important indicator of your health. Your body filters the wastes from your blood that are excreted as urine. So, any troubling kidney problem affects the production of urine which is the primary role kidneys perform in our body. 

If you see any changes in the appearance of your urine especially if you are seeing the blood in your urine then this is very problematic and an indicator of kidney problems. Sometimes the presence of blood in urine is associated with a kidney tumour however, there is a detailed diagnosis required. 

4- Bad Breath

Well, in most cases bad breath is associated with oral health problems. But a bad breath can also be an indicator of poor kidney function. This is because the inability of your kidneys to filter out the urea in your blood results in a bad odour in your mouth.

5- Metallic Taste

Your taste bud changes for many reasons. One such reason is poor kidney function. When your kidney doesn’t filter out the excess waste or toxins present in your bloodstream, this can result in the buildup of toxins in unexpected places. One of the indicators of compromised kidney function is feeling a metallic taste in your mouth.

6- Swollen Hands and Feet

Swelling in your hands and feet is another important indicator of compromised kidney function. This happens when your body is not filtering out the excess fluid from your body that retains in your body and results in the swelling of extreme points in your body such as your hands and feet.

7- Fever

Fever is your body’s natural immune response to fight off the germs attacking your body. However, sometimes the frequent episodes of fever can be an indicator of kidney functions. This temperature fluctuation should be immediately addressed to minimize the risk of further complications. 

8- Irritated and Dry Skin

We often associate skin changes with seasonal variations and changes in your skincare routine. However, sometimes this irritated and dry skin can be due to a kidney infection with little or no association with your skincare routine. Dry skin is also accompanied by the itchiness that is more of the chronic itchiness. 

Bottom Line!

Your kidney health is crucial for your overall well being. However, kidney health problems are quite common and can take a toll on normal body functioning. Knowing about the early signs of kidney diseases can help to save you from bigger damages. In this case, you can consult your physician for the early diagnosis of the problem.

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