6 Amazing Action Comedies to Watch with Friends

6 Amazing Action Comedies to Watch with Friends

Comedy is a genre that never goes out of trend. Be it satire, action comedy, or dark comedy, all kinds of comedy movies are fun to watch if written and directed well. 

In this article, we have come up with a selection of comedic films that are suspenseful and will keep you amused and glued to the screen right up until the very end. If you enjoy comedies, you may already be familiar with these movies, but if not, you will appreciate our recommendation. 

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  • 21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street is an action comedy that revolved around two high school friends, Schmidt and Jenko, who later become police officers. The two collaborate and go undercover as students to locate the drug’s source in order to expose a drug ring in their former school. The two find it difficult to adapt to the new ways as the older generation from the same school as the culture of the schools has changed since they last attended. 

The narrative and action that follows in the movie are hysterically humorous, and the combination of comedy and action keeps you hooked and wanting to watch more of it.

  • The Hangover 

The Hangover is an action comedy that follows Doug’s friends. Doug is getting married shortly, so he travels to Las Vegas with his three pals for a stag do before the wedding. The worst part is that the groom is gone missing when the three groomsmen wake up the next morning intoxicated and confused after one wild night. The three friends start seeking Doug so they can get him to his wedding on time despite their fuzzy minds and jumbled memories. 

The entire movie will have you in fits of laughter, and the combination of suspense and comedy will keep you glued to the screen the entire time. Many other scenes in the film are both humorous and entertaining to watch. The acting, action, storyline, and setting are all excellent.

  • We’re the Millers

We’re the Millers stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston together. David, a drug dealer, is deeply in debt to his supplier because he was plundered while attempting to assist his neighbor’s child. David’s supervisor begs him to transport cocaine from Mexico to pay off his debt. To smuggle the drugs, David employs a stripper, a pretty thief, and his neighbor to act as his fake family and travel in his RV with him.

Disguised as a family of four the group encounters numerous mishaps while attempting to transport the drugs, leading to several exciting and entertaining scenarios. The story is cleverly written, and the movie is hilarious and enjoyable. It is no doubt one of the greatest comedies ever made. 

  • Johnny English

Johnny English is a captivating action comedy starring Rowan Atkinson as Johnny English. There is a series of comedic action-spy movies titled Johnny English. The story of Johnny English starts with Pascal Sauvage, who has killed the nation’s top covert operatives and is desperate to steal the royal crown jewels. 

Johnny English is required to catch Pascal Sauvage so that he won’t cause any more havoc. The silly agent repeatedly finds himself in risky situations while attempting to apprehend the criminal until he meets Lorna Campbell, who assists him in completing his task. The events that follow while they solve the case are what make the movie so funny and entertaining. 

  • The Dictator 

The Dictator is our favorite action comedy on the list because of its incredibly satirical nature. The story follows Aladeen, a cruel tyrant in the oil-rich North African state of Wadiya. When his lookalike is killed, Aladeen flies to New York on the advice of his uncle to address the United Nations Security Council. Aladeen is not favorably received upon arriving in New York and makes an effort to hide from the exiled Wadiyans who are out for his life. 

The Dictator is one of our favorite comedies as it features fantastic performances and a compelling plot. This movie is for you if you like both an Arabic and a comedic mood in one. Besides, the satire in the movie is incredible. 

  • Horrible Bosses 

Horrible Bosses is a hysterically humorous action comedy. The three friends, Nick Dale and Kurt, are tired of their bosses treating them unfairly and meanly and are trying to fire their bosses because it is upsetting them. The three recruit a hitman to train them how to kill their employers, but when they begin the assassination, things go awry and a cat-and-mouse chase ensues. With all the comic actors gathered in one spot, the movie is hilarious.

You’ll laugh out loud at every scene because of the script’s excellent location, dialogues, actions, and general structure. Hence, if you’re looking for a movie that will keep you laughing nonstop for 90 minutes, try this one. 

Final Thoughts 

You will adore these comedies if you enjoy tense, humorous, enjoyable-to-watch comedies with witty language. They tell wonderful tales, make you laugh, and maintain tension. So, to fully benefit from laughter therapy, you should start watching these movies right away if you haven’t already.

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