5 Apps Every Student Must Download Today

5 Apps Every Student Must Download Today

Remember the time when parents considered smartphones a distraction for their children? A special effort was made to ensure that smartphones would not have a negative impact on student’s education. What was the outcome? They failed in all their attempts. We have come such a long way in a short time that what was once considered a distraction is now an integral part of our educational system. 

You have heard the famous saying, “There is an app for that,” and it certainly applies to education as well. A new generation of learning management software and mobile apps are revolutionizing the education landscape. With today’s apps, young children are encouraged to love learning by making their first step toward education fun and interactive.

Everything from learning subjects to organizing classroom activities to developing skills in new fields has become easier and more enjoyable with the help of educational apps.

There are some excellent educational apps available for students and kids to help them see smartphones as learning tools. Most of these apps are free, so the only thing you have to invest in is a reliable internet connection. The best part is that even for amazing internet, there are many affordable options, Spectrum Internet, to name one. The speed tires are exceptional, and it does not come with any data caps. 

On that note, let us start by discussing some of the apps every student must have on their smartphones.

My Study Life

If you have been carrying a notebook planner in your backpack for years, My Study Life is your perfect alternative. Students can balance their academic and social lives with the calendar function of the app. This student planner app lets you keep track of even the most complicated schedules. You will not have to worry about class conflicts or rotation schedules anymore!

As a paper planner user, you might have forgotten to write this specific date down. My Study Life solves your problem with their task manager. It reminds you of upcoming tasks and events based on the due dates of your assignments and exams in its dashboard.


It is hard to not know about this app, right?

Using Coursera, you can access courses from leading universities and colleges online. Certificates of completion are awarded to students who complete courses at their own pace. Financial aid is also available to students who cannot pay the course fees through Coursera.

A variety of subjects are offered by Coursera, including business, computer science, data science, and humanities. As one of the leading online learning platforms, the company has experienced strong growth in recent years.

You can learn anything you want on Coursera, whether you are interested in learning something new or brushing up on your existing skills. Everyone is sure to find something they are interested in with such a diverse selection of courses available. 


Your exam days would be very useful and helpful if you had PDF files of the notes and images. However, there is a risk that your device’s storage will be full or that it will be annoying.

This is where DropBox comes to the rescue. The cloud storage of this amazing app will allow you to access your notes even if something goes wrong with your device or if it is stolen. Every file you save can be opened later, such as images, videos, and pdfs. Your only requirement will be an Internet connection. DropBox lets you store and share files with friends easily and quickly. Thus, Dropbox has to be included in the list of useful apps for students.

The Bookworm

If you enjoy reading the course literature before every lecture, have a highlighter on hand, and spend hours in your school’s library, we have every right to call you a studious Bookworm. Your good grades demonstrate that you love learning as you clock long hours in your study circle. With these apps, things will get a lot better. The study apps you download will enable you to study more efficiently by providing easy-to-use study tools.


If you are like most people, math classes may be challenging. All of those math problems can be solved with photomath.

What is the process? Simply point your camera at math problems, and Photomath solves them. Yes, it is that simple! You do not just receive the answer but also step-by-step instructions for how to solve it.

Students who struggle with math can benefit significantly from this, as it helps them understand the material more easily. You can try it next time you have trouble solving a math problem!

Wrapping Up

Students today have access to various cutting-edge apps and technologies designed to make note-taking, task management, and other aspects of student life more straightforward.

Whether the best note-taking apps for students or the most effective time-management apps, we have rounded up some of the best this year. So do your research, download, and get your smartphone ready to do its thing.

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