4 Tips for Getting Your Teeth Whiter Naturally

4 Tips for Getting Your Teeth Whiter Naturally

Teeth whitening is the process of removing stains, spots and discoloration from your teeth. The goal is to make your teeth appear whiter, brighter and more even.

There are several different methods to whiten your teeth and each one can be very effective, but they all require some commitment. If you’re not ready for it yet, there are other ways you can improve the appearance of your smile naturally. Here are three tips for getting your teeth whiter naturally:

  • Brush Brush Brush

According to dentist Whangaparaoa, regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste helps remove surface stains from your teeth and gums that can cause them to look yellowed or grayed over time. Regular brushing will also help keep plaque from building up on your teeth, which makes them more susceptible to staining and discoloration in general. Brushing twice a day is recommended — once in the morning and once before bedtime — but if you only have time for one or two brushings per day then that’s okay too! Just remember to brush for about two minutes at a time (except when you’re using an electric toothbrush). Smoking tobacco can stain your teeth by breaking down the enamel on their surface, which causes them to become yellow or brown over time. It’s also linked with gum disease, which is why smokers are more likely to develop cavities than non-smokers!

  • Eat a healthy diet

The first thing to do is to eat a healthy diet. A healthy diet is one that has a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean red meats, fish and poultry and low-fat dairy products. A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids may also help you get whiter teeth.

Brush your teeth twice daily using fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash with fluoride in it to keep your teeth clean and remove stains. Baking soda is an effective whitener for teeth because it’s alkaline, which helps to neutralize the acid that causes stains on your teeth. It’s also an abrasive, which helps to remove surface stains and discoloration. The baking soda should be brushed for about two minutes, then rinsed with water.

  • Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are great for the health of your body, but they also help whiten your teeth. They contain essential nutrients that keep your gums strong and help prevent cavities. Foods such as apples, carrots, spinach and broccoli are all good choices. If you’re not a big fan of these veggies, try eating more citrus fruits instead. The vitamin C in citrus fruits helps make them even more effective at whitening teeth than they already are! Sliding your tongue across your teeth will help remove leftover food particles as well as freshen up your breath.

  • Drink Water

Water is an essential part of our diet — it helps keep our bodies hydrated to avoid dehydration which can cause bad breath! But water can also help us stay healthy by helping us remove toxins from our bodies through urination (peeing). Drinking water will help remove toxins from your mouth so that they don’t cause bad breath and plaque buildup on our teeth!

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