3 Things You Should Know About YouTube Audio Library

3 Things You Should Know About YouTube Audio Library

YouTube content lies greatly on its music or audio, whether for a YouTube creator or any project. In searching for music and sounds for free, it’s important to avoid risking copyright infringements. You may rely on the youtube audio library for these problems. Discover more about the YouTube audio library below.

What is the YouTube Audio Library?

As the name says, YouTube audio library is a collection of free music and sounds. YouTube audio library is a library provided by YouTube to use in your videos. Since this music is available for free, you avoid risking copyright infringement.

You can browse its collection of free songs and sound effects with the YouTube audio library. The audio library helps you to use the sound you want for your content or projects. You can download the track and add it to your video. 

3 Things You Should Know About YouTube Audio Library

Types of Music in the YouTube Audio Library

There are two types of available music in the YouTube Audio Library: free music and sound effects. Free music is mainly about songs you’ll find in the library, while sound effects are the effects for movements and such.

1. Free Music

You can use thousands of music for free under the Free Music tab. With the tracks listed, you can have free music without the risk of copyright infringement. There are also accessible filters just above the Music list. These filters are Track title, Genre, Mood, Artist, and Duration.

While there is a search box to look for your music, you can narrow your search by using filters. Here’s how you can use the filters:

Track Title

Filter the name of the track by using the track title. It provides all songs or music that might have the keyword or phrase you’re searching for.


You can use a genre filter to find your style in music. Genre filter allows you to filter your tracks based on the genre you want.


The mood depends on the emotions you want your videos to have. With this filter, you can find the right song and mood for your videos.


Every artist has one or more song titles similar to other artists. Using an artist filter can help you find the music with the artist you love.


Duration is the length of the tracks. You can use this filter to find tracks with longer or shorter times for your video.

2. Sound Effects

Sound effects enhance your video by providing you with specific sounds you can use. The audio library has many sound effects you can best use for your videos. You can search and use background noises, driving sounds, and more.

Under this tab, you can filter out based on your desired effect. The filters here include track title, category, and duration. With category filters, you can have sound effects that best match your video, and it’s free.

Main Reasons to Use YouTube Audio Library

If you’re still deciding to use the YouTube audio library, here are some main reasons you should.

One advantage of the YouTube audio library is the royalty-free and simple free tracks that help avoid the risk of copyright infringement. If you follow the rules set by YouTube, you won’t have any issues with copyright infringement. 

2. Monetization

Using the YouTube audio library helps monetize videos without any claiming rights. Again, as long as you abide by YouTube’s rules, you can monetize videos. 

3. Affordable for New YouTube Creators

Starting as a YouTube creator will have you investing in lots of equipment. Choosing and editing your content can be related to your music. YouTube audio library helps you with the free music and sound effects you need for your video.

Limitations to using YouTube Audio Library

Since the YouTube audio library is free, you can expect it to have a few limitations. The few limitations are the following:

1. Follow the rules provided by YouTube

YouTube provides some rules for you to use their music for free. You have a license to use the available tracks in the library so long as you don’t violate their rules. Here are the rules to follow:

  • You have to give full appropriate credits to all the original artists in the video description
  • You cannot claim ownership of the song
  • You are not allowed to sell the song without the artist’s consent
  • You cannot modify or change the song without the artist’s consent. You cannot add, delete, or change any part of the song
  • You cannot use any third-party tool to download the song. You can only use the YouTube audio library for downloads
  • You must contact the original artists first to use the song outside YouTube

2. Using the Music on Other Platforms

YouTube doesn’t prohibit the use of audio on other platforms, but you have to be careful. Some audios need to be properly attributed to the original artists. Other platforms can be social media platforms or other video-based social media platforms.

3. Technical Limitation on Audio Selection

Since the YouTube audio library is free to use, the available music is mostly common audio. You may have difficulty getting unique music that can truly stand out. 


YouTube audio library is a great source of free music tracks without the risk of copyright infringement. Using free music and sound effects helps you get started with your project. Also, with filters for easier search, you can easily find the songs and music for your video. There are as many reasons to use this tool as its many limitations. Ensuring you abide by YouTube’s rules will help you use it well.






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