2022 Airtable Review vs Trello Review

2022 Airtable Review vs Trello Review

The Airtable software is designed to meet the shifting nature of work. It is able to automate workflows, simplify the user interface, and work in collaboration with teams more efficiently. The Trello software, introduced in 2011, is a place where users can ideate plans, resolve work management conflicts, and execute tasks.

This Airtable review vs Trello review will take a detailed look at the features, demos, and prices as listed on their respective websites.

Airtable Review

The Airtable software is a brilliant choice for teams who are in search of reliable no-code tools to develop apps and customize workflow. The following features are why it is trusted by over 300,000 firms across the globe:

Interface Designer

The top-notch interface designer provided by the Airtable software is a prominent tool of the platform. The interface designer allows users to create interfaces from Airtable bases without any coding knowledge required. All of your data can be imported so it can be transformed into actionable, shareable, and accessible workflows.

Similarly, it is quite simple to use the interface designer as well since you can manage the elements with the drag-and-drop interface. You can surface the details that you want to be accessible to your team and keep the rest aside.

You can, additionally, create separate dashboards for each stakeholder and make sure that each stakeholder is provided access to the necessary yet relevant information. And lastly, you can customize workflows to suit the requirements of your team.


The Airtable software also has numerous tools for visual management. For instance, the timeline view feature lets you manage all the details such as resources, projects, events, and so on, in relation to deadlines. A comprehensive timeline helps you stay aligned with your goals and deliver on due dates.

Meanwhile, the Kanban board is available to give you the control of collaborative task management. Not only can you track stakeholders but also stakeholders and deliverables in the modifiable UI.

The calendar view, on the other hand, will help you check deadlines and upcoming events so you can stay ahead of all your tasks.


The tedious data entry process can slow you down. It also leaves your projects vulnerable to errors when you are doing it manually. Airtable automation can be utilized for processes no matter how simple or complex they might be.

By integrating apps that you need on a daily basis such as Facebook, Slack, Twitter, etc., you can easily automate your campaigns and CRM too. If you want to expand the automation functions you can also extend the logic with Javascript.

Airtable Demo

To further learn about the functions of the platform, you can access the Airtable software demo as well. The Airtable demo as presented on the website is a webinar that provides information regarding the interface designer.

Airtable Cost

The Airtable pricing is divided into four plans. The first option is free of cost and it is designed to accommodate users who are working as a startup or have a smaller team. The second pricing option is called plus and it costs $10 and has a broader spectrum of tools. The third option is the pro and it costs around $20. The last choice is for enterprise-grade tools and users can get a quote for the prices by contacting the sales team through the website.

Trello Review

The Trello software has been hailed as one of the best choices for work management by some trustworthy names including Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and Tech Crunch. Let’s take a look at the features that have earned its reputation:  Check out the Trello Review.


The Trello software provides visual tools through which you can manage your projects with better control over details. First and foremost, the Trello software integrates its own Kanban-style board that can be used to view progress, check status updates, manage task dependencies, and shape a plan to execute each project perfectly.

The Timeline view is helpful in aligning sprints and making sure that all the tasks are being performed in synchronization with the deadlines. You can, furthermore, manage dates through the drag and drop interface and make changes within seconds to match the shifting nature of work.

Trello also integrates the calendar view so you can easily edit the quarterly editorial calendar or stay on top of each task. Moreover, you can import third-party calendars to the software and make sure that you are not missing out on any important dates.


Trello’s Butler feature is an ideal tool for automation. You can automate tasks such as requesting updates, assigning tasks and setting due dates, among other tasks, through Trello Butler. You can set custom rules to ensure that the tasks are being followed in a hierarchy that makes sense for your project.

The card buttons and board buttons let you trigger a sequence of tasks with a single click. If you want to automate a specific set of tasks, you can also integrate power-ups like Jira and Slack.


Just because you are working on a new project does not mean that you have to start from scratch. The templates feature available in the Trello software makes it possible to kickstart your work through a premade template library. The templates present a blueprint for the team so they can work on projects with tried-and-true templates.

Trello Demo

This software, albeit a very simple tool, provides a Trello demo to users who want to learn about the various details of the software. It can be used to learn about the functions and how they can be used to manage your business.

Trello Pricing

The Trello cost accommodates different teams by offering multiple pricing options. There are four pricing plans available that users can opt for. There is a free plan with a limited set of tools for new beginners. The second pricing plan is called standard and it is billed for $5. The Trello premium pricing option is $10. And the enterprise costs around $17 for an estimated minimum of 25 users.

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