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Stress and Anxiety are the true companions of our routine life. Mental health is the most important aspect of life which needs to address straight away. It is our degraded lifestyle that leads to depression. 15minutes4me brings the solution to these aspects by providing the online self–help challenge program. This challenge resolves the issues such as mental instability, anxiety, depression, stress, sadness, etc.

What is 15minutes4me?

Stress and depression in a human being lead to anxiety and it places the individual in a state of anxiety where it is unsure to get back on routine track with normal health, wealth, and other life relations. But the thing that hampers to let individuals attain mental peace is the limited amount of time to sit and discuss to get an expert opinion.

Here the 15minutes4me test online challenge comes to the rescue. This is an idea developed by doctors to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety through a free test program conducted on the app. 15minutes4me is an exercise program where you need to indulge for a time period of 15 minutes of your day. They make you do the tasks that result in freedom from depression, stress, fatigue, anxiety, burnout, etc. They also conduct a bipolar test to solve the bipolar disorder in an individual.

The test program is structured in levels from easy to hard as it advances. The tasks in the initial level to maintain mental health are significantly easy than at the advanced levels. The results are prominent and people feel much better just after exercising in the program for a month. The test is developed by the specialists after intense research in a scientific mode to help out the mentally ill people and help them to attend mental peace.

15minutes4me depression test working areas:

The app is developed by a team of doctors through their research, scientific study, and experiences. This test is widespread in different countries like the UK, the US, Canada, and others. The people who need mental peace get online consultation and also free tests for the release of depression. The only thing required to achieve mental relaxation is to spare 15 minutes of time every day for your own being. The major advantage of the test is the instant results from it that will change the mode of your life!


How does 15minutes4me work?

This online test program is a boon to the mentally disturbed people who are not able to spare much time to go visit a doctor for consultation. This test helps to understand and realize that there is always a solution to the problem leading to the first step of happiness in life. The list of questions in the program is focused on a way to provide solutions conducting and developing self-control within.

It helps to eradicate the negativity in yourself and help realize the individual that the problem has the solution. This is achieved through video consultations, particular charts, etc. The program lets you know better within and develops inner realization of strength to discover the solutions by enhancing self-confidence to look over the problems as an individual and resolve them on your own.

How to begin a free 15minutes4me quiz program?

To begin with, for the free test opens the website https://www.15minutes4me.com/ and select the login option.

  • Select the option of – Test yourself through a free self-test program.
  • Click on the tab ‘Start your self-test now’. This process will occupy about 2 minutes to complete the process and procedures.
  • Upon starting the test, the patient is asked various questions that focus on their past activities, physical conditions, and other health conditions such as emotions, breathing, etc.
  • Further after completion of the MCQ section, there will be a list of some more questions with a dropdown bar and options.
  • The next step involves the selection of the problem as per the individual’s choice like depression, fatigue, stress, anxiety, burnout, etc.
  • After completion of the process, the individual needs to select his need of the moment from options like happiness, peace, rest, energy, relaxation, and satisfaction.
  • The final step demands the data like gender and birth year. Once the session is completed, the test result will indicate the graph on the new page as per the information given in the test.
  • The graph indicates the mental health conditions of the individual. The site also provides the link to view certain motivational videos and find the solutions to relieve the stress and tension as per the test challenge.

How do Login 15minutes4me?

  • The Login is needed to access the premium features, to obtain full access, and a free test trial online assists for the solution of stress and anxiety by 15minutes4me test free.
  • To get full access open the website https://www.15minutes4me.com/ and select the SUBSCRIBE NOW tab on the topmost right edge.
  • The subscription provides daily access of 15minutes for a period of 30 days at the price of $77 to get the solution for mental health peace.
  • Fill in the data like Initial name, Last name, valid Email-Id. Select the preferred language and the mode of payment.
  • Select the check box and finish the process for order confirmation. It will provide the confirmation of the order and access to the next sessions will be provided.


Merits of 15minutes4me

  1. There is no bar to reaching the consultant at a particular time, the individual can use the online test program as per his convenient time schedule.
  2. 15minutes4me stress test program is developed by a team of doctors through intense scientific research.
  3. The online test program provides privacy to the individual not willing to reveal his/her problems on an open note.
  4. It provides an online consultation facility 7 days a week and 24 hours a day requiring no prior appointment which lets you stay away from the waiting queues and avoid tiring travel to the consultant.
  5. It helps to develop self-confidence and control to create a positive thinking attitude and find the solution for the problem proactively.
  6. It is the best online mode to reach inner peace of mind and refrain from mental stress. This life-changing happiness program is made available for just $77.

FAQs regarding 15minutes4me

What is 15minutes4me?

It is an online self-test program that helps deal with the problems pertaining to mental health, depression, stress, anxiety, etc. It provides assistance for 15 minutes a day for a time span of a month.

What is a 15minutes4me free test?

It is an online platform to keep a check on mental health and monitor various health aspects providing the solution to the problem if any.

Is 15minutes4me test results for free?

The 15minutes4me free allows a free tour to check the health condition for analyzing stress, depression, and anxiety providing a graphical result of the individual’s mental health.

Do you have to pay for 15minutes4me?

To have full access to the premium features of the consultation program, the website charges a nominal amount of $77.


The 15 minutes 4 me review of the online test program is very positive as it gives an instant test result graphical result to the patient through an intense scientifically driven test program designed by the top doctors.